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AC Bonifacio’s Dance Performance with Matt Steffanina

When it comes to dancing, AC Bonifacio is the queen of it. Her talent is admirable. She can dance to any genre. She has this suave and charisma of a professional dancer.

Image courtesy of AC

That’s why in the 2019 YTFF, she gave an unforgettable dance performance to everyone.

She glimmers in her red shining outfit as she danced to Stefflon Don’s “16 shots”, Billy Crawford’s “Filipina Girl”,   Arvey’s “Dalaga” and O.C. Dawags’ “Pauwi Na Ko” with G-Force.

She danced so perfectly and elegantly. The moves were evidently hard but she was so chill and made it look like it was easy.

With her talent, she was able to perform with the one and only Matt Stafanina together with Ken San Jose.

Image courtesy of YTFF

Mind you, not everyone has the opportunity to dance with Matt, and AC was only one of the few lucky talented dancers who were able to share the stage with him.

The crowd went crazy with the insane performance of these talented personalities. The audience cheered as their performance ended.

There is really nothing in this world like a Filipina Girl, AC Bonifacio. Great job!

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