Image Courtesy of Anna Cay

Anna Cay Lambasts Bashers Calling Her Arrogant

Youtuber and beauty guru Anna Cay has lambasted bashers who called her arrogant about her buying an ‘expensive’ dog.

Her post about her new pet earned hate comments which eventually triggered her to speak up.

One Instagram user with the name handle @mariee567 has emphasized the attitude of the said Youtuber hoping that one day, she’ll see herself and realize her arrogance.

“Kailangan ihashtag na corgi dahil pricey yung dog? Yabang talaga ni atih. Sana one day marealize mo kayabangan mo.”

Another user also lectured her of adopting a dog instead of buying from shops.

@racquel_faye: Please encourage people to adopt and not shop. There are a lot of dogs in need of a loving home.”

@shsums also expressed her hopes about Anna opening her doors on giving the aspins a new home: “I love you pero sana you can try to adopt next time. A lot of dogs especially our own aspins are not given the chance to have a home. A lot are left on the streets to die. All they want is a home and a family to be with for the rest of their lives. Sana you can open yours one day.”

Image Courtesy of Anna Cay

In a series of instagram stories, she angrily responded and defended herself.

“Kung magrerescue ka, hindi mo naman kailangan i-announce sa mundo ang kawang gawa mo.”

“…the dog is expensive, very expensive indeed. But I’m proud to say my donations are heftier than that. If that makes you happy, there you go. Gigil niyo ko ha 🙂 she added.

After all the explanations, some of her followers continued to question her ways of handling issues and criticism, such as playing the victim and getting sympathies.

With this she responded with a screenshot, “Oh please! Hindi nga ako humihingi ng pera pambili ng aso sayo, simpatya mo pa kaya? Don’t me!”

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