Ella Gatchalian’s Cheating Scandal Leaked on Twitter

2019 has been a year full of revelations and surprises for social media influencers.

Another YouTuber was involved in a cheating issue recently. Ella Gatchalian, a beauty vlogger, was exposed by her ex boyfriend’s friend, Bernard Roque, through a thread on twitter 2 days ago.

Image courtesy of Ella https://www.instagram.com/ellagatchalian_/

The said thread composed of how Ella cheated on her exboyfriend, Aldryn, who is currently in California.

Thread from Bernard Roque

The new guy, as they told, is Ruzell Ace Valuente, a YouTuber also from California.

Image courtesy of Ruzzell https://www.instagram.com/ruzzellace4/

Tweets from her “ex” friends were also circling the internet. One of her friends, Shaznae, tweeted, “Wanna know where’s the part in “not tolerating bad behaviors” toxic. Ya’ll anonymous accs sending hates as if anlaki ng utang na loob namin kesyo nakilala kami? Lol mapapakain ba kami niyan and mapapaaral niyang amount ng followers namin?”

Screenshot from Shaznae’s tweet 

They also unfollowed each other on their social media accounts. Photos and vlogs of them were also deleted.

Her exboyfriend apparently was concerned and tweeted, “tama na wag niyo na palakihin issue alam ko nasasaktan na si ella ngayon ayoko mangyari yon.”

Screenshot from Aldryn’s tweet 

Prior to the said issue, Ella posted a tweet saying, “halfway through 2019 and i realized that cutting people, who handed me scissors, was probably the bravest thing i did for myself, for my own peace, my own life” which speculated fight between her and her friends.

Screen shot from Ella’s tweet

Aside from the tea spilled by her “friends”, a photo was also leaked alledgy showing her and a boy (not Aldryn) flirting with each other.

Netizens were shocked and disappointed with the act. They condemned Ella. They posted hate comments and even questioned her talent. People also started spreading rumors that Ella is a mean girl.

Although bashers are taking the opportunity to drag her down even more, her fans stood by her. One netizen with a username tweeted, “condemn ella gatchalian for the cheating issue and choosing fame over her friends but do not leak/share her private pictures. You have to respect her as a woman.”

Screenshot from Shy’s tweet 

Another netizen also said, “If the cheating rumors are true yes i would really be disappointed. Me and cousin do stan Ella Gatchalian before she became really famous. But yo, saying mean and vile words towards her? Yes, you hate her. But don’t act as if you know the whole truth.”

Screenshot from Yan’s tweet 

Few days after his “bomb” thread, Bernard apologized to Ella by tweeting, “Tama na to. Sorry Ella. Sorry Shaz. Sumobra na eh.”

Screenshot from Bernard’s tweet

People have a lot to say with just one mistake. It is really easier to criticise than to compliment. Ella haven’t talked about the said issue but we hope she’s fine.

What can you say about the issue?

Mika Salamanca Apologizes After a Viral Tweet

After her controversial feud with Killa Kush, Mika was again bashed after her tweet to one of her fans. Read here: Mika Salamanca on Hotseat after feud with Killa Kush

Last January 2019, Mark Reyes bought Mika a ring from Pandora as a gift. Then a fan of her posted a picture on Twitter a picture of the same ring and captioned, “A ring that Mark bought for Ate Mika. Bumili rin ako. Ang ganda kasi e simple lang.”

Screenshot from Phoebe’s tweet

Mika then retweeted the post and said, “Not to be masungit pero if you know something na parang inexclusive ng dalawang tao, you should respect that.”

Screenshot from Mika’s tweet

This incident happened months ago but resurfaced after her issue with Killa Kush and the tweets above were already deleted.

Mika received so many negative comments saying she is self-entitled and that the ring is on retail and everyone can buy it.

After days of receiving backlashes, Mika finally spoke and asked for apology through a post on her twitter account. She said, “I admit, I have done and said stupid things, but it’s something I have no control over now. What I can do though, is change.”

Screenshot from Mika’s tweet 

“Hindi ako magsasabi ng kahit anong excuse dahil what’s done is done, but I want to apologize. Really apologize. Sorry kung nadisappoint kayo sa akin or even nagalit. Sorry dahil hindi ko inisip sinabi ko bago ko i-tweet.”

Screenshot from Mika’s tweet

She also expressed her hope to be given the chance to grow and learn from the issue.

Screenshot from Mika’s tweet 

Her fans accepted her apology whole-heartedly but still some netizens are questioning her reasoning especially her mentioning about mental issues.

Image courtesy of Mika Salamanca https://www.instagram.com/mikslmnc/

Being an influencer is a risky job given the large audience you have. One mistake and everyone forgets all the good things you’ve done. But what defines you as a person is not those mistakes but how you acknowledge them and how you apologize to anyone you’ve done wrong.

It’s okay Mika!

Alex Gonzaga Declared as Persona non grata by Paranaque Mayor?

The City hall of Parañaque denies declaration of Alex Gonzaga as a persona non grata or an unwelcomed person after her onstage remark during a campaign.

She is actually set to meet the reelected mayor of Parañaque, Edwin Olivarez, as confirmned by her sister, Toni Gonzaga.

Image courtesy of Alex Gonzaga https://www.instagram.com/cathygonzaga/

The said remark was on a deleted video during the weekend before the 2019 elections. On the said video, Alex refers Parañaque mayor as “may pagka madugas.”

Her remark reached Olivarez which Toni said that her sister is dealing with it privately and they are going to have a formal talk or meeting.

Image courtesy of Alex Gonzaga https://www.instagram.com/cathygonzaga/

Parañaque city administrator, Ding Soriano denied the speculation of declaring Alex as persona non grata in a phone interview with ABS-CBN news. He also said that the mayor is not taking the remark personally because it is a part of “politicking.”

In press conference for “Home Sweetie Home”, Toni said that Alex is learning from this issue and taht she will be able to move forward.

Alex hasn’t given any comments about this yet but as Toni said, she is dealing with it privately.

What are your thoughts about this?

Mika Salamanca on Hotseat after feud with Killa Kush

As we all know, Mika Salamanca is a “Blink” or a fan of the famous Kpop girl group BlackPink. She also attended their concert or tour recently.

Image courtesy of Mika https://www.instagram.com/mikslmnc/

On May 11, Mika retweeted a video of YouTuber Killa Kush and captioned it, “How dare you disrespecting my Jisoo? (member of BlackPink).”

Screenshot from Mika’s tweet 

To her defense, she answered the tweet of Mika saying, “I literally said that some people at the concert said that about Jisoo. Sorry if you missed that in the video.” Apparently, Killa Kush is making a reaction video on BlackPink’s album with included photo cards specifically Jisoo’s photo.

Screenshot from Killa’s tweet

The two exchanged more heated tweets which caught the attention of netizens. Some also commented on the said issue.

Screenshot from Mika and Killa’s thread on twitter

One netizen with a username @alyn5sos tweeted back to Mika and said, “aren’t you an influencer too? Influencing your followers that she disrespected your bias when in fact she just restated what other people said?”

Screenshot from @alyn5sos’ tweet

Killa also posted a conversation with someone telling her to kill herself.

Image courtesy of Killa https://twitter.com/killakushla/status/

She also tweeted, “People took one part wayyyy out of context. Listen and understand what I said in the clip before telling me to kill myself.”

Screenshot from Killa’s tweet https://twitter.com/killakushla/

What are your thoughts about this?

Social Media Influencers’ Reaction on Halalan 2019 results

Halalan2019 has been one of the most intense elections so far and netizens are very much affected by it especially after knowing the results.

It is natural for people to have different stands on key issues especially on politics. Also, it is the freedom of these people to express their viewpoints in any platform they wish to such as the cyber world where there is a big audience.

Different opinions have circled the internet particularly the standpoints of the so called social media influencers. Being influencers, they gave their opinions regarding the Halalan2019 which earned both positive and negative comments.

Here are few of the reactions of the influencers about the recent election:

1. Angel Dei

Angel Dei reposted the photo of the partial results of the election and captioned it, “ewan ko pero naiiyak ako.”

Screenshot from Angel Dei’s tweet

She also expressed her gratitude towards Atty. Chel Diokno.

Screenshot from Angel Dei’s tweet

2. Rei Germar

Screenshot from Rei’s tweets

Aside from her tweets, she also retweeted various tweets from other people showing how disappointed these people are with the election results.

3. Mika Salamanca

Screenshot from Mika’s tweet

4. Janina Vela

Screenshot from Janina’s tweet 

5. Ronan Domingo

Screenshot from Ronan’s tweet 

6. Lloyd Cadena

Screenshot from Lloyd’s tweet

7. Kyo Quijano

Screenshot from Kyo’s tweet

8. Shek’s Diary

Screenshot from Shek’s tweet

9. Michelle Dy

Screenshot from Michelle’s tweet

10. Luigi Pacheco

Screenshot from Luigi’s tweet

How about you? What can say about the election 2019?

Lance vs. Drian – Pinoy version of James vs Tati?

The YouTube community has been making remarkable noise these days especially the “beauty gurus”. It hasn’t been too long after the issue of James Charles broke which made a huge mess on the internet world.

On Monday, Filipino make up enthusiasts Lance Aguas and Drian Bautista got into a dramatic feud after Drian, 20 years old, tweeted his opinion on the youth who keeps on ranting about the Halalan2019 results. In the said tweet he said, “Yung ibang bata jan maka react sa result ng votings bakit ano ba naiambag niyo? Puro kayo reklamo mag arap nalang kayo ng maayos.”

Screenshot from Drian’s tweet

This caught the attention of 15 year-old Lance and tweeted back, “ano ba naambag nga rape make-up look mo.” He also posted a follow-up tweet saying, “Apology video. We’re waiting for you.”

Image courtesy of Lance https://www.instagram.com/lanceaguas/

The “drama” snatched the netizens’ attention calling it “James vs. Tati – Pinoy version.” Others also expressed their disappointment towards both Drian and Lance.

Lance also tweeted that he is ending Drian’s career and that he is cancelled. Netizens are shocked with this tweet of Lance and called him self-entitled.

Image courtesy of Drian https://www.instagram.com/drian_bautista/

One netizen with a username @vincecharle tweeted back, “Self-entitled naman to masyado, and like the issue wasn’t about cancelling him or ending his career. The point was his political belief is ignorant.”

Screenshot from @vincecharle https://twitter.com/vinscharle/

After few exchanges of tweets, Drian posted a public apology to Lance and the youth who were offended by his previous tweet. He posted “Alam mong sinosoportahan kita lance, alam mo yan and kahit ano man mangyari support parin kita. I know nagkamali ako and im REALLY SORRY, hindi mawawala ang respeto ko sainyong kabataan sadyang mali lang ako sa sinabi ko. Tao din ako nadadala lang din ako.”

Screenshot from Drian’s tweet https://twitter.com/drian_bautista/

Lance, on the other hand, answered and said, “Use your words wisely.  I appreciate your support but what I don’t appreciate is how you look down on my generations opinions.”

Screenshot from Lance’s tweet https://twitter.com/lanceaguass/

Although the drama ended there, netizens still can’t move on with it and posted hate comments on both parties. Some said that Lance is irrelevant and is a Tati-wannabe. Others said Drian was insensitive.

What can you say with this drama?