Mommy Pinty Throws Shade to Alex Gonzaga’s Basher

Being an influencer comes with highs and lows. An influencer can get thousands of supporters as well as haters. It doesn’t matter as long as he/she is doing what makes him/her happy.

One of the most known influencers in the country is Alex Gonzaga. She is known for her funny vlogs and music videos. She is also known for her amazing relationship with her mom which she includes in her vlogs.

Image courtesy of Alex

Last July 13, 2019, Alex Gonzaga posted a throwback photo of her in Manhattan, New York. She captioned it, “Missing the streets of NYC… Cathy Bradshaw wru na?”

Image courtesy of Alex

 One netizen with an Instagram username @kimora1976 commented, “Ano ginagawa ng palingkera pokpok sa New York bazura”

Mommy Pinty slammed her and answered, “haaaa sino ka!! Kawawa ka naman will pray for you baka sa inggit ano gawin mo sa sarili mo. be happy girl”

Although the comment, as well as Mommy Pinty’s reply, have been deleted, Alex Gonzaga managed to have a screenshot of the said comment. She posted it on her Instagram Stories.

Image courtesy of Alex

She captioned it, “wag nyo ginagalit si #Tipints!” Alex calls her mom “Tipints” which is also one of her song titles.

Image courtesy of Alex

Although Alex is known as a humorous and fun internet sensation, she is just a person and words can also hurt her. Luckily, she has her mommy Pinty and lots of supporters who believe in her.

All Covered by AC: Anna Cay Releases the Skin Saver Tinted Sunscreen

Anna Cay, one of the top beauty vloggers in the country, launched the first products of her most awaited makeup line last February 14, 2019.

Image courtesy of Anna Cay

Anna Cay’s first releases are the All Covered by Anna Cay Airblender Sponges. She called them Teardrop Pink and Beveled Black. These makeup sponges are ultra-soft and can only be bought exclusively online in Shopee. Each sponge retails for 288 pesos.

Her first products were a success and were sold out 13 minutes after she released them.

Image courtesy of Anna Cay

Now she’s back with another selling product, the Skin Saver. A light to medium coverage tinted sunscreen with SPF50 PA+++. It comes with four cult-fave skincare actives: Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Centella Asiatica.

Image courtesy of Anna Cay

It has a creamy consistency which feels very light but gives off a flawless and blemishes free skin. Not only does it gives you protection from the sun, but it also provides great coverage for your dream glass skin.

The Skin Saver also comes in three shades: Light, Medium, and Tan.

What are you waiting for? Time to get your skin saved by the Skin Saver Tinted Sunscreen for only 688.

#DoYouDenim: The SM Store’s 2019 Denim Collection

When in doubt, wear denim. And when it comes to fashionable and comfortable denim, The SM Store got it all for you!

That’s why The SM Store launched their 2019 Denim collections perfect for men, women and kids. The Denim Collection includes cheeky denim picks from SM Men, stylish denim choices from SM Women, trendy denim styles from SM Youth and fetching denim from SM Kids.

The SM Store also picked models perfect for exhibiting the three key trends of denim.

1. ‘90’s Kids. The ‘90’s style is making a comeback especially in terms of denim. The ‘90’s collection includes straight leg pants that comes in different washes. Perfect for striped tees and shirts.

Image courtesy of The SM Store

2. Blue Times Two. Who wouldn’t love denim on denim concept? The Blues Denim collection offers jean and jean-like pieces that gives you the denim on denim look.  

Image courtesy of The SM Store

3. Color Me Denim. If you want to go extra, skip the traditional blue denim and try the dyed denim pieces in yellows and deep reds.

Image courtesy of The SM Store

Selected denim items will be on sale of up to 50% off until July 31.

Love denim and fashion? Follow @SMMen, @SMYouth @SMWoman and @SMKids for more updates, and catch the SM denim collection in SM Men, SM Youth, SM Women and SM Kids in all branches of The SM Store nationwide.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Agassi Ching and Jai Asuncion: A Love Story that Started with a Blind Date

Agassi Ching went viral as the boy who advertised himself in search of a date for the New Year. He posted a photo of himself with the caption “Chinese new year boyfriend rental available” including his traits.

Image courtesy of Agassi

The post went viral although it was meant to be a joke. He also gained a lot of followers.

When Valentines came, Bont Bryan Oropel challenged him to go on a blind date. Agassi also vlogged the said challenge and published it on his YouTube channel las February 12, 2019. Watch here: 

This was where he met Jai Asuncion. It turned out they already knew each other and was surprised when they found out they are on a blind date.

Image courtesy of Agassi

The blind date went well as both of them were really comfortable in spite of the fact that it was their first date.

The blind was followed by a real date. Jai Asuncion was featured more on Agassi’s YouTube videos and fans started supporting them. JaiGa was also made.

Image courtesy of Agassi

The couple went viral after Agassi posted their Whisper challenge on his channel. He confessed his real feelings towards Jai who didn’t believe it at first. He whispered “Parang gusto na ata kita, Jai Asuncion.” He also gave her a cross earring.

Image courtesy of Agassi

The two continued making videos which their supporters love. On April 26, Agassi uploaded another video where he revealed that he started courting Jai.

Agassi uploaded more videos with Jai. The most recent is where they bought their promise ring.

JaiGa is one of the couples who started with coincidence. They started from a blind date which eventually turned to a real one. The two aren’t yet official and Agassi is working on that.

We hope JaiGa becomes real!

Raiza Contawi Calls Out TLM Cosmetics after Using her Video

Raiza Contawi called out TLM Cosmetics using her Twitter account last July 4, 2019, after the said cosmetics line used her video in promoting their product.

Raiza tweeted the said post of TLM Cosmetics and captioned, “Just to remind that this is FALSE AD and that TLM Cosmetics is obviously a fraud. Please help report.”

Screenshot from Raiza’s tweet

Apparently, the said cosmetics line blocked Raiza so she won’t find out about it.

Screenshot from Raiza’s tweet

Her supporters showed their concern regarding the said issue and helped Raiza in reporting it. One netizen with a username @ndr98ryt said, “They are using other influencer’s face and ‘review’. Kaloka, saw an ad on fb before and I saw some familiar videos na alam kong di naman yun yung product na nirereview.”

Screenshot from @ndr98ryt’s tweet

TLM Cosmetics already removed the post after it was reported by netizens.

Raiza is one of the top beauty vloggers in the country with 526K subscribers on her YouTube channel. She is also known for her honest reviews on makeup products. Her talent has been recognized and loved by many.

Baninay Bautista Meets an Accident on her Cebu Trip

Baninay Bautista and her boyfriend, Bont Bryan, met an accident during their Cebu trip.

Image courtesy of Baninay

On a vlog posted by Baninay on July 3, 2019, she shared how the accident went. They were riding on a motorcycle to get to a tourist spot when they accidentally fell off the vehicle. Watch here: 

She mentioned that they also had a hard time starting up the motorcycle since the key wasn’t working. It took them 15 minutes before it worked. When she opened her camera to shoot a video, the accident happened.

Image courtesy of Baninay

Luckily, they only got minor injuries and got help from a house nearby. Baninay got a scratch on her knee and foot while Bont got a wound on his palm as well as on his knee.

Baninay couldn’t hide her panic when the incident happened.

Image courtesy of Baninay

Although they got into a serious mishap, the lovey-dovey still gave a good laugh to their viewers. They also made sure that both of them are okay in a sweet way.

Baninay warned everyone that using a helmet is a must when riding or driving a motorcycle. She also informed everyone that both of them are now okay.

Always be careful Baninay!