Mikey Bustos as the Newest Jollibee Ambassador

Internet sensation, Mikey Bustos, together with well-known Pinoy chefs, JP Anglo, and Jordan Andino are Jollibee’s new ambassadors.

Image courtesy of Mikey https://www.instagram.com/mikey_bustos/

In partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT), Jollibee aims to promote the diversity and richness of Filipino cuisine, geography, and culture.

With its tagline #EATSMoreFunInThePhilippines, Jollibee and the DOT’s joint campaign will continue to showcase what they’ve been promoting to the world for years: it is more fun in the Philippines.

Mikey is known for his unconditional love for the Philippines as well as the videos uploaded on his YouTube channel. Mikey is very open about his Filipinophilia, his popular videos cover a wide range of topics including “Filipinism”, Philippine English phonology and Filipino culture tutorials such as eating Balut, Filipino dining, Filipino courting, and the Filipino CR.

Image courtesy of Mikey https://www.instagram.com/mikey_bustos/

His love for the Philippines makes him the perfect ambassador to promote the country, not to forget his entertaining personality.

Mikey Bustos expressed how gratifying it is to be chosen as one of Jollibee’s new ambassadors in his Instagram post.

Image courtesy of Mikey https://www.instagram.com/mikey_bustos/

He posted, “Huge thank you to my new Jollibee Family and the Department of Tourism for trusting me, and offering yet another way to help promote the country I love.”

Image courtesy of Mikey https://www.instagram.com/mikey_bustos/

Alex Gonzaga Surprised Her Fans in Celebration for her Second Anniversary

To celebrate Alex Gonzaga’s second anniversary on YouTube, the internet sensation and one of the country’s top YouTubers, bonded with her fans and surprised them with gifts. The video is also her 100th vlog.

Watch here:

The singer-actress-comedienne said that she is grateful to her fans who support and believe in her throughout the years.

Image courtesy of Alex https://www.instagram.com/cathygonzaga/

The first part of the vlog shows an interview of some of her fans. They were asked on how they became supporters of Alex. Some said that she is someone who’s easy to like because of her transparent personality.

Image courtesy of Alex https://www.instagram.com/cathygonzaga/

On the said vlog, one of her fans also mentioned, “Thank you sa pagiging happy pill namin.” They mentioned how Alex radiates happiness to them by simply posting and sharing her videos.

That’s when Alex enters the room and makes the fans cry because of her presence.

She said, “May mga tao pala na kahit hindi ka nila kilala, hindi ka naman nila kamag-anak, will be happy for your success and will celebrate you. So after all, the world is not that bad, it’s not that mean kasi may mga taong, katulad nila na hindi sila inggit, hindi sila galit, hindi sila bitter.”

Image courtesy of Alex https://www.instagram.com/cathygonzaga/

Kayo po ang reason at kayo po talaga ang dahilan kung bakit nabuhay ang vlog ko at kung bakit nandidito tayo ngayon sa 4 million subscribers. Hindi ko man kayo mangitian lahat, hindi ko man kayo ma-komentan lahat at mabasa lahat ‘yung DMs niyo, pero know na ako po ay sobrang nagpapasalamat sa inyo dahil lahat po kayo ay regalo ng Diyos sa akin,” she also stated.

As of writing, the video already earned over 1 million views and Alex already has 4.2 million subscribers making her one of the most subscribed Filipino YouTubers.

Kimpoy Feliciano’s First Solo Billboard

Kimpoy Feliciano has been around YouTube for so many years showcasing his talent and passion for video blogging. He is known for his cutesy punch lines and lifestyle vlogging.

Image courtesy of Kimpoy https://www.instagram.com/kimpoyfeliciano/

With his dedication, he already charmed hundreds of thousands of followers in the internet world. As of writing he currently has 2.4 million followers on Twitter, 528K followers on Instagram, 2.9 million on Facebook and 699K subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel. With these huge numbers, he is considered one of the country’s most-followed and subscribed influencers.

Image courtesy of Kimpoy https://www.instagram.com/kimpoyfeliciano/

Kimpoy also had numerous appearances on the national television and even had mall shows around the country.

His opportunities and blessings don’t seem to end pouring as recently, he posted a photo of him in front of his very first solo billboard. Yes, you read it right! Kimpoy already has his first solo billboard of Rusty Lopez along EDSA, Highway 54.

He posted, “Never thought one day this will happen! Thank you so much @rustylopezshoes for all the trust and love! GOD IS GOOD.”

Screenshot from Kimpoy’s tweet https://twitter.com/kimpoyfeliciano/

He also uploaded a video on his YouTube channel regarding the said billboard. He expressed his gratitude to his fans who never stopped supporting him since day one. He also posted a comment saying, “Maraming maraming salamat mga mahal ko! Kayo ang inspirasyon ko sa lahat ng ginagawa ko. Kayo yung reason bakit tinutuloy at ginagawa ko ang mga ginagawa ko…”

Screenshot from Kimpoy’s comment https://youtu.be/eT_IzeLFt7A

Kimpoy invested a lot of time and sacrifices to harvest what he is having now. He surely made his name shine because of his passion in what he is doing. And no matter what happens he will surely leave a mark in this industry.

Congratulations, Kimpoy!

Meet the Oldest YouTuber in the Philippines: Edna Oropel

In today’s era, the internet is not only for millennials. Even the elders enjoy browsing through their social media accounts. It only means that there are no limits, even age, to enjoy what the digital world offers.

That is also true when it comes to vlogging. It is open for everyone who, of course, has a camera or phone and an internet connection. It is not limited to certain standards especially age. Because just like in love, age doesn’t matter, as long as you love what you are doing.

Edna Oropel holds the record for being the oldest YouTuber in the country. Recently, she started her journey as a YouTuber and amazingly earned 25K subscribers after uploading her very first video last July 30, 2019. The video titled “First Vlog With Team Love” also surpassed 97K views already as of writing.

Image courtesy of Edna Oropel https://youtu.be/J1LIMx295Eo

In her video she shares her simple and quick makeup routine and also featured the “Team Love”, Baninay Bautista and her son Bont Bryan Oropel in a short interview. Watch here: 

Mommy Edna, as how everyone calls her (according to the vlog), also has her signature line, “wazup mga kalola” in her video. She also swore to continue posting YouTube videos to entertain her subscribers.

Her first video gained much love from netizens especially the not-so-young ones and they couldn’t wait for the next one.

Bont Bryan also expressed his support for his mom by posting a tweet saying, “First vlog ng Mami ko! Laughtrip to panuorin nyo 😂 Mga Kalola! hahaha.”

Screenshot from Bont Bryan’s tweet https://twitter.com/bont_bryan/

Mommy Edna shows how insignificant age is when it comes to your passion. It will never be too late to start working on something you’ve been wishing to do. As long as you are not hurting anyone and as long as you are happy, go for it.

Down to the Best Three

A true testament of wit, creativity and a singular devotion to the art of scotch brought nine (9) pairs of clever bartenders to battle it out at the Glenfiddich World’s Most Experimental Bartender 2019.

Glenfiddich, the world’s leading brands of Scotch whisky and most awarded single malt scotch whisky, has been bringing the most innovative brains behind the best bars in the world since 2016, in a competition that requires the use of Glenfiddich scotch in the most unorthodox and interesting ways possible.

At the local qualifier of the competition held at Whitespace Manila last July 15, guests tried out the pairs’ experimental serve and voted for their favorites. At the end, three cunning pairs stood out:

Ms. Kathrin May “Kate” Osmillo (Head Bartender, Oto) and Mr. Fonso Sotero (Owner & Pastry Chef, Lampara)

Image courtesy of Glenfiddich

“We incorporated the Glenfiddich 12yrs single malt whisky in our version of amuse-bouche, which we individually named as the Roasted Malt Ball, the Soaked Munchkin, and the Highball Rock—by highlighting the individual flavors of the scotch whisky. By highlighting them individually we were able to pair and elevate the flavor.”

Image courtesy of Glenfiddich

Ms. Faye Fernando (Bartender, Cove Manila) and Mr. James Llamera (Research and Development, EDSA Beverage Design Group)

Image courtesy of Glenfiddich

“We used soya milk to incorporate the Glenfiddich 12yrs single malt whisky and we made our own version of a classic old – fashioned cocktail but in the form of taho. The old fashioned taho will serve as a soya milk when combined with our 2 versions of kombucha—the mango summer kombucha and coffee kombucha using the signature espresso blend dark matter theory from EDSA Beverage Design Group.”

Image courtesy of Glenfiddich

Mr. John Lorenzo “Enzo” Luna (Bartender, Run Rabbit Run) and Mr. Don Carpio (Freelance Baker/Pastry Chef)

Image courtesy of Glenfiddich

“We did a Classic Filipino Breakfast consisting of Tinapay- Malt Barley Sourdough Pandesal, Palaman – Glenfiddich Butter&Jam, at Inumin Hot Salted Caramel Apple Batirol. For the bread we used malt barley (grains used to make Glenfiddich) as an ingredient—the idea is if you could make good whisky from malt barley, you could make good bread as well. The jam and butter are also infused with Glenfiddich. The drink is reminiscent of a fruity hot chocolate.”

Image courtesy of Glenfiddich

On August 27, the three pairs will go head to head in the WMEB National Finals 2019, where the winning couple gets the privilege to discover the home of Glenfiddich in Dufftown, Scotland and represent the country in the global finals in Glasgow, Scotland this November.

The national finalists are ready to give their all for a shot in representing the country. Enzo and Don bank on both their experience and chemistry in fighting their way to the global stage. “…we are both pretty young in this industry but I’m sure we’ve both proven ourselves to our peers in our respective fields. We’ve also known each other for almost a decade, so we have a dynamic that hastens our cooperation and our level of understanding of each other,” Enzo says.

Recognizing that the Glasgow world finals will be the experience of a lifetime, Fonso says: “I feel very humbled and honored to represent my home country and to know that I will be able to contribute in pushing the envelope further in our respective industries and craft for our country. It will be exciting to learn a lot of new things [from the world finals].” “We will be honored to show the international scene how creative Filipinos are,” Faye adds.

So to secure that coveted pair of tickets to Glasgow, what kind of creations should the judges expect on August 27? Enzo exclaims: “Bigger, better and more experimentation!”

Janina Vela Slams Hater who Wished Her Dead

Janina Vela, beauty and lifestyle vlogger who earned her fame by her passion in video blogging, is one of the country’s top influencers. As of writing, she already has 679K subscribers on her YouTube.

Image courtesy of Janina https://www.instagram.com/janinavela/

Being an influencer comes with its pros and cons. They can gain support and can also get hate. And Janina is not an exemption.

On August 2, 2019, Janina posted a screenshot of a message from her hater. The hater said, “You have been a vlogger since Wil Daso days till present. I know you vlog/influence to make money. But I want you to die. Kill yourself.”

Image courtesy of Janina https://twitter.com/janinavela/

While it is common to get hate from people who don’t appreciate and understand you, wishing someone dead is another story and Janina didn’t let that slip off.

She went to her Twitter and posted her response to the hater. She said, “the hate you receive says a lot more about the sender than the receiver. I can’t help but feel compassion for you. I’m sorry life hasn’t been kind to you and it resulted in you wishing death upon someone, which is not and will never be okay.”

Image courtesy of Janina https://twitter.com/janinavela/

She also ended it saying “one day, a very long time from now, I will retire and die. But best be known, I will do both happy.”

Fans of Janina sent their encouragement and said she didn’t deserve such treatment. Nobody does. Image courtesy of Janina https://www.instagram.com/janinavela/

Even with the hate, with the death wish, she still showed why she is who she is now. Giving compassion to someone who wished you the worst is proof that Janina deserves all the love she is having. That she deserves the success she enjoys because she is a good person.

We admire you Janina and we hope you are okay.