Image courtesy of Baninay Bautista

Baninay Bautista Bids Goodbye for Six Months

One of our favorite social media influencers, Baninay Bautista sends her farewell after she was offered a wonderful opportunity to work in Indonesia as a host to an online game show.

Image courtesy of Confetti Philippines

In her announcement video which she uploaded on Youtube, she shared how she got the job. She was encouraged by her agency to audition to this online show as a host. The try out was joined by various hosts, artists and other influencers but Baninay was the one chosen as fit for the said job.

Image courtesy of Baninay Bautista

Baninay shared that she has to work for the show for five to six months. In her video, she couldn’t contain her emotions and tear up because she has to be far from her family and friends for a long time.

The show is called Confetti Philippines. This is an online game show where they ask questions to be answered by the netizens. Baninay elaborated more of this in her video.

Image courtesy of Baninay Bautista

Baninay undoubtedly deserves everything offered to her because of her passion and hard work. Five or six months away is not too long and we are always here to support every endeavor she’s in. We’ll wait for you, Baninay!

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