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Baninay Bautista Meets an Accident on her Cebu Trip

Baninay Bautista and her boyfriend, Bont Bryan, met an accident during their Cebu trip.

Image courtesy of Baninay

On a vlog posted by Baninay on July 3, 2019, she shared how the accident went. They were riding on a motorcycle to get to a tourist spot when they accidentally fell off the vehicle. Watch here: 

She mentioned that they also had a hard time starting up the motorcycle since the key wasn’t working. It took them 15 minutes before it worked. When she opened her camera to shoot a video, the accident happened.

Image courtesy of Baninay

Luckily, they only got minor injuries and got help from a house nearby. Baninay got a scratch on her knee and foot while Bont got a wound on his palm as well as on his knee.

Baninay couldn’t hide her panic when the incident happened.

Image courtesy of Baninay

Although they got into a serious mishap, the lovey-dovey still gave a good laugh to their viewers. They also made sure that both of them are okay in a sweet way.

Baninay warned everyone that using a helmet is a must when riding or driving a motorcycle. She also informed everyone that both of them are now okay.

Always be careful Baninay!

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