Celebrate This National Friendship Day with Toblerone

Good food is sweeter when shared with good friends. Celebrate the #NationalFriendshipDay this coming July 30 with your friends and make more memories by giving your friends the recognition they deserve with the limited-edition Friendship Day Toblerone chocolate pack.

Who’s the “Crush ng Bayan,” or the “Always Late” among your friends? Whatever their awards are, have fun making them up with the customizable Toblerone packs.

Image courtesy of Toblerone

In partnership with local artists June Digan, Ella Llama, Cassy Cajucom, Angela Martinez, and Alyssa Bana, Toblerone is releasing five personalized pack designs so you can express how thankful you are for having your friends this coming Friendship Day.

Each pack is delightfully colorful and unique and expresses the respective artist’s interpretation of what makes Filipino friendships special.

Angela Martinez, is the confident and gorgeous friend who is known for her unapologetic commitment to dressing exactly the way she feels. She is also known on Instagram as the fresh-faced and always sexy. As of writing she already has 94.4K followers.

Image courtesy of Angela Martinez https://www.instagram.com/angelasburgers/

Alyssa Bana, on the other hand, is the fashionista and artistic friend who enjoys writing on her blog and painting. The “maganda na, talented pa” influencer is known for her amazing artworks which she posts on her Instagram account. She has 27.3K followers, as of writing.

Image courtesy of Alyssa https://www.instagram.com/iamaly.b/

Toblerone goes by the saying “sharing is caring” and is giving away 1,500 pieces of 100g limited-edition Friendship Day Toblerone chocolate packs so you can share the sweetness with your friends. To join the Toblerone Award-a-Friend Promo, grab a limited edition Friendship Day Toblerone chocolate pack, write your friend’s award title on the pack, give it to your friend in a creative way, and post your photo on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #BeMoreImaginative, tag your friends, and @tobleroneph. You can personalize the award to your friends by drawing sashes, trophies or other inspired ways.

Image courtesy of Toblerone

The most creative entries win limited-edition Friendship Day Toblerone chocolate packs for you and three of your friends tagged in the photo. Winners will be contacted via direct message.  

The limited-edition Friendship Day Toblerone chocolate packs are available in convenience stores and groceries nationwide, while the Toblerone Award-a-Friend Promo runs for a limited time, from July 15 to 31, 2019. Please see Toblerone’s Instagram page for details, @tobleroneph.

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