Image courtesy of Hannah Pangilinan

Hannah Pangilinan’s Social Media Accounts Hacked

On April 28, 2019, YouTuber Hannah Pangilinan’s social media accounts were hacked by a professional hacker.

Hannah lost her Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts to a hacker and all of her videos in these social networking sites were deleted.

The YouTuber’s account name was also changed into “Ibrahim Escobar”. Aside from changing her account name, the hacker also uploaded on her Instagram account with numerous photos of the word “bad”.

Image from Hannah’s Instagram account

Reports also said that a 30-second video was uploaded to the Youtuber’s channel and was deleted 2 days after.
Fans of Hannah are now asking for help to retrieve all of her accounts. This includes her older brother, Donny Pangilinan, who tweeted “What is wrong with this world? My sister doesn’t deserve this. At all. Can anyone please help? Please.”

Screenshot from Donny’s Tweet

Fortunately, Hannah’s sister, Ella Pangilinan, posted on her IG story that the accounts of Hannah are now retrieved and currently being restored.

Screenshot from Ella’s IG story

The motive and intention of the hacker is still unknown but the important thing is that the accounts are now being retrieved. It surely was a disastrous happening but still, good outweighs the bad. Let us know your thoughts!

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