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Heart Defensor-Telagaarta Comes Back to PH

For the first time, the Los Angeles-based Filipina YouTuber Heart Defensor visited the Philippines as Mrs. Telagaarta.

Heart, who is best known for her channel ThatsHeart came back to Manila after three years along with his husband Arnold to meet personally all her supporters at the Benefit Cosmetics event.

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The said event was also attended by local social media influencers especially from the beauty community.

During the event, Heart discussed how it is actually to be in the limelight getting linked to various dramas against other beauty gurus or how it is to deal with toxicity in the their community.

However, to her defense, not all Youtube channels and content creators deal with the same issues all the time as there are also people like her who would rather focus on putting more efforts on their crafts.

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“If you think that the beauty community is dying, then you’re watching the wrong people,” Heart exclaimed.

She is currently one of the top beauty vloggers in the US with more than 2.2 million subscribers on Youtube, and gets featured on various publications such as Los Angeles Magazine and Teen Vogue.

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