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I am Proud of Me: Baninay Bautista Shares Her Journey to a ‘Better’ Nose

Few years ago, if you wanted a kind of different nose — probably smaller, straighter or smoother— you can either have a rhinoplasty or that’s it. There are no other options. But with the rise of science and technology and the breakthrough on injectable fillers, came a second option to a new nose – the non-surgical nose lift.

Baninay Bautista never told anyone before that she used to be insecure about her nose. Apparently, she had a tiny nose — which was supposed to be a good thing because tiny nose is a standard of beauty nowadays. However, in her case, her nose was fairly small with a low bridge.

Back when she was a kid, she received a lot of comments about her nose and some would mock her about it. Some even teased her that she didn’t have one. That she was born without a nose.

After she started her career in Youtube, she shared that 3 or 4 cosmetic surgeons sent her an e-mail to try a nose lift for free.  She admitted that she wanted to accept the offer but she had the thought that she was known as the Baninay with a tiny nose. That she was loved and supported by people with her current appearance. “Heto na yung na-love ng tao”, Baninay said.

Image courtesy of Baninay Bautista

However, she realized that there is nothing wrong in enhancing the way she looked. Besides, it is her nose and if it would make her feel more confident, why wouldn’t she get it altered? It took her a long time to finally decide that she wanted to change the way her nose looked.

She then decided to undergo a non-surgical nose lift wherein fillers are injected to temporarily tweak its shape. Yes, temporary. The fillers can only last for about 1-2 years which is great.

Wearing her shirt that says “I am proud of me”, Baninay went to the Pretty Looks Aesthetic Center with the hope of a successful transformation.

Image courtesy of Baninay Bautista

Walking herself to the ‘operating’ table knowing that after less than an hour she’d have a different nose was one of the most surreal experiences in her life.

What if I will look like a different person?

What if nothing will change?

She had a lot of doubts and questions but still she held on to the thought of overcoming one of her insecurities and put the words “nothing will go wrong” in her mind. After the numbing was applied, the procedure started. Throughout the procedure, she had her eyes closed with the fear of pain but to her surprise, it wasn’t as painful as she thought it would be.

After a couple of minutes, as she glanced at the mirror, she couldn’t help but cry for joy. Although the changes were minimal and not so drastic, her happiness was through the roof.

Image courtesy of Baninay Bautista

Image courtesy of Baninay Bautista

Altering a part of your body doesn’t mean not being proud of yourself. Baninay proved that being brave and happy with your decisions is the best confidence anyone can wear.

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