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JaMill Hits their 5th Million Subscribers on YouTube

What’s up mga kaigan? Want to hear another good news? Your favorite couple finally hits their 5 Million subscribers!

JaMill has been showered with so much blessings this 2019 and another blessing came. Last June 6,2019, they finally earned 5 Million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Image courtesy of JaMill

Jayzam and Camille is known as a couple filled with humor and love. They are recognized for their daily pranks and challenges which are enjoyed by many especially their fans called “ Mandirigma.”

The couple was also included in the line up on the recently concluded YouTube Fan Fest and left a remarkable memory after performing a heartfelt performance.

Image courtesy of JaMill

JaMill has been loved by many and they always make sure to give back to their supporters and fans. They do giveaways and upload more videos that the fans will love as a way to show how thankful they are for all the love they are receiving.

On June 7, they did another giveaway and thanked everyone who has been on their side since day 1.

Image courtesy of JaMill

They greeted the Mandirigma on their another achievement through their Twitter account. They posted, “Happy 5Million subs saating pamilyang mandirigma! Walang makaka tibag saatin kahit sino payan!!”

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There is a reason why Jayzam and Camille are receiving such wonderful blessings. They have been through ups and downs and they conquered all their challenges. Also, the love of their dear Mandirigma made them go on with their journey.

Congratulations on your achievement JaMill! Ahu!

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