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JaMill’s Heartmelting Performance on YTFF

What’s up mga kaigan! Who witnessed the very energetic and sweet performance of our favorite loveteam? It was awesome, isn’t it?

Jayzam and Camille are really good in catching everyone’s hearts. They performed their original song “Best Love” in the recently concluded YTFF and it was an amazing dance and duet production.

They were both catching their breaths as they thanked every Mandirigma who were there to support them. It’s true, they’ve been through a lot of things and without the love of their fans, they wouldn’t be on that stage.

Image courtesy of JaMill

One of the lines that Jayzam said that made everyone jealous of Camille was, “Napaka ganda ni Camille. Mahal na mahal ko to mga kaigan.” She was indeed shining on that night. She looked so happy and in love. Jayzam also looked so handsome.  

The audience were on their feet as they danced with the song.

Image courtesy of JaMill

They ended the number with Jayzam kissing Camille and that made everyone scream with “kilig”. How to be Camille po?

They really got the best kind of love. The kindest you will never have alone. Ahu!

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