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Janina Vela Releases First EP

Beauty influencer Janina Vela proves that she is not just creating exciting Youtube contents, but also good music as witnessed from her first and latest EP, Love You The Same (LYTS as referred on her social media posts).

Freshly released last September 28, 2018, Janina expressed her excitement of completing her first EP, of how blessed she is working with talented local artists such as Moira Dela Torre and Donny Pangilinan.

“I was so blessed to be able to work with so many amazing writers & producers who helped me piece together the songs for my first EP. Ate @moirarachelle, who beautifully finished the bridge for LYTS, kuya @natepunzalan6 who created the tune for the chorus of Safe At Last, and of course @donny who I couldn’t have made Sorry I Left without. Theo Martel, who effortlessly produced Hesitate & Sorry I Left, Kuya @yaelyraz for Curtain Call, Nick Lazaro for Safe At Last & @mkdavisjr who produced LYTS actually almost a year ago!! Working with you all was such an honor. Thank you  ♥️ #JaninaVelaLYTS”.

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The 24-minute EP, which was released under the label of Universal Records has 6 original tracks which is a good mix of pop and rock: Hesitate, Sorry I left (featuring Donny Pangilinan), Safe at Last, Curtain Call, Love You the Same, and the acoustic version of her first single, Hesitate.

Love You the Same is now available for download and streaming on Spotify.

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