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Janina Vela Slams Hater who Wished Her Dead

Janina Vela, beauty and lifestyle vlogger who earned her fame by her passion in video blogging, is one of the country’s top influencers. As of writing, she already has 679K subscribers on her YouTube.

Image courtesy of Janina

Being an influencer comes with its pros and cons. They can gain support and can also get hate. And Janina is not an exemption.

On August 2, 2019, Janina posted a screenshot of a message from her hater. The hater said, “You have been a vlogger since Wil Daso days till present. I know you vlog/influence to make money. But I want you to die. Kill yourself.”

Image courtesy of Janina

While it is common to get hate from people who don’t appreciate and understand you, wishing someone dead is another story and Janina didn’t let that slip off.

She went to her Twitter and posted her response to the hater. She said, “the hate you receive says a lot more about the sender than the receiver. I can’t help but feel compassion for you. I’m sorry life hasn’t been kind to you and it resulted in you wishing death upon someone, which is not and will never be okay.”

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She also ended it saying “one day, a very long time from now, I will retire and die. But best be known, I will do both happy.”

Fans of Janina sent their encouragement and said she didn’t deserve such treatment. Nobody does. Image courtesy of Janina

Even with the hate, with the death wish, she still showed why she is who she is now. Giving compassion to someone who wished you the worst is proof that Janina deserves all the love she is having. That she deserves the success she enjoys because she is a good person.

We admire you Janina and we hope you are okay.

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