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Lance vs. Drian – Pinoy version of James vs Tati?

The YouTube community has been making remarkable noise these days especially the “beauty gurus”. It hasn’t been too long after the issue of James Charles broke which made a huge mess on the internet world.

On Monday, Filipino make up enthusiasts Lance Aguas and Drian Bautista got into a dramatic feud after Drian, 20 years old, tweeted his opinion on the youth who keeps on ranting about the Halalan2019 results. In the said tweet he said, “Yung ibang bata jan maka react sa result ng votings bakit ano ba naiambag niyo? Puro kayo reklamo mag arap nalang kayo ng maayos.”

Screenshot from Drian’s tweet

This caught the attention of 15 year-old Lance and tweeted back, “ano ba naambag nga rape make-up look mo.” He also posted a follow-up tweet saying, “Apology video. We’re waiting for you.”

Image courtesy of Lance

The “drama” snatched the netizens’ attention calling it “James vs. Tati – Pinoy version.” Others also expressed their disappointment towards both Drian and Lance.

Lance also tweeted that he is ending Drian’s career and that he is cancelled. Netizens are shocked with this tweet of Lance and called him self-entitled.

Image courtesy of Drian

One netizen with a username @vincecharle tweeted back, “Self-entitled naman to masyado, and like the issue wasn’t about cancelling him or ending his career. The point was his political belief is ignorant.”

Screenshot from @vincecharle

After few exchanges of tweets, Drian posted a public apology to Lance and the youth who were offended by his previous tweet. He posted “Alam mong sinosoportahan kita lance, alam mo yan and kahit ano man mangyari support parin kita. I know nagkamali ako and im REALLY SORRY, hindi mawawala ang respeto ko sainyong kabataan sadyang mali lang ako sa sinabi ko. Tao din ako nadadala lang din ako.”

Screenshot from Drian’s tweet

Lance, on the other hand, answered and said, “Use your words wisely.  I appreciate your support but what I don’t appreciate is how you look down on my generations opinions.”

Screenshot from Lance’s tweet

Although the drama ended there, netizens still can’t move on with it and posted hate comments on both parties. Some said that Lance is irrelevant and is a Tati-wannabe. Others said Drian was insensitive.

What can you say with this drama?

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