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Lloyd Cadena Called Out Kyo Quijano Being Ungrateful – April Fools or Not?

Netizens were shocked after Lloyd Cadena’s post on twitter calling out Kyo Quijano after his comment on Bakla ng Taon’s “farewell” video on YouTube.

Image courtesy of Kyo Quijano

On March 31, Bakla Ng Taon Production posted their entry for the April Fools by uploading a “farewell” video saying they decided to disband. However, on the last seconds of the video they greeted their viewers Happy April Fools. Watch here: 

Image courtesy of Lloyd Cadena

After few hours, Lloyd Cadena tweeted, “Naks! @kyoquijano after mong i-unfollow ang @baklangtaonprd. Ito ang comment mo sa bagong naming video? Wow! Ang hirap mo na po palang maabot. Hindi ka na mareach.” Lloyd also ended his tweet with a hashtag ungrateful.

Screenshot from Lloyd Cadena’s tweet

Lloyd also posted a screenshot of Kyo Quijano’s comment which says, “Wag naman oh! Dahil ba na-unfollow ko kayo?” Kyo Quijano apparently assumes that the disbandment was because he unfollowed them.

Image courtesy of Lloyd Cadena

Lloyd also posted another tweet saying, “No No No. Never kang magiging dahilan.” While he didn’t drop any names, it was clear that his tweets were directed at Kyo Quijano.

Screenshot from Lloyd Cadena’s tweet

One day before the shocking tweet, Lloyd Cadena revealed the truth on his Pass or Collab video that Kyo Quijano unfollowed BNT on Instagram and admitted that it hurt his feelings being the mother of BNT. He also mentioned that the reason of Kyo was to detox from social media.

To his defense Kyo posted on his twitter account that it was not intended and that both parties have talked about it. “Nag sorry na ko. Hekhek I love BNT,” said Kyo.

Screenshot from Kyo Quijano’s tweet

What can you say about the spilled tea? Is it a prank for the April fools or not? Let us know!

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