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Lloyd Cadena Talks ‘Ex-Rated’ in His New Book

Youtube sensation Lloyd Cadena once again proved that his humor does not only end in Social Media and Facebook, but also in his latest book, Ex-Rated.

Filled with hilarious remarks, Ex-rated discusses the experience and feelings of someone towards their ex-boyfriends/girlfriends that is treated in a very hilarious way, the Lloyd Cadena way.

The book explores pain during break up, bitterness while looking back at the good old days, and moving on with optimism in life.

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Everything about love and break ups, the book is complete to offer perfect dramatic (it’s gonna be funny though) lines, dissecting of reasons why people cheat, ways of how to move on, and giving hopes to everyone who may have lost themselves along the way.

Ex-Rated is the 4th book following the success of Eng Serep Megwele, Yeng Tataa?
Hopia, and Mahal ko na siya, Rak na itu!


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