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MagandaAkoPeriod – Teena Arches Against Body Shaming

“Maganda ka sana kung…” “Maganda ka pero…” “Maganda ka kaya lang…” We often hear these harsh phrases from people who believe that beauty has certain standards. It is already 2019 and some are still calling others out for their body shape and size like it is their business. Not knowing the effect of their words to those people being shamed.

Image courtesy of GMA News TV

Last January 8, GMA News TV aired their Brigada episode with a very sensitive topic of Body Shaming. They featured personalities who are victims of body shaming and one of them is the social media influencer and plus size model Christina “Teena” Arches.

Image courtesy of Teena Arches

She shared her experience of being body shamed and how she started her advocacy on body positivity. She also said this inspiring statement, “maganda ka sa mata ng Diyos. Pinaniniwalaan ko yun. So kung ano man ang sasabihin ng iba, di na ako naniniwala kase alam ko na yung value ko.”

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She also shared the some of her clothes that are sentimental to her. One of which is her jacket that has a print that says #MagandaAkoPeriod.

Image courtesy of Teena Arches

Teena believes that beauty has no standards. You can be skinny or fat or both or neither, and that is okay. What’s not okay is trying to define someone with what he/she looks. Be proud and confident of what you are and never be ashamed of how others see you. The size of your waist or bust has nothing to do with your worth. So stop those people saying “maganda ka sana pero…” “maganda ka sana kung…” and confidently say, Maganda ako. Period.

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