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Lang Leav once said that if someone is meant to be in your life, nothing could ever make him/her leave. If he/she wasn’t, nothing in the world could make him/her stay.​

We all have our own TOTGA or The One That Got Away. It is something that broke our hearts. It is something that made the person we are right now. It is something worth to keep in our hearts forever.

One of the millions who had their hearts broken by their own TOTGA is Angel Dei Peralta or popularly known as Angel Dei; a social media influencer who focuses on travel, makeup and lifestyle.

Image courtesy of Angel Dei

She is also known for making threads on twitter that are very relevant. She became popular after her viral “The One That Got Away” story she shared on her twitter account last June 2017. On the said thread on twitter, she shared the heart-breaking story on how she loved and lost her TOTGA. It was a tear-jerking story of a man and a woman who stayed with each other for years and when given the chance to be a couple, the man passed away.
Screenshot from Angel Dei’s tweet 

After her trending stirring post, her followers grew which made her the famous 23 year old Angel Dei now. As of writing, she currently has 351.5K followers on Twitter, 344K on Instagram and 334K subscribers on Youtube. She is an alumna of University of the Philippines, Diliman BS in Clothing Technology. She worked as a fashion merchandiser in a local clothing brand until she opened her own bikini line known as Savvy Swim.

Image courtesy of Angel Dei

She posts on her Youtube channel entertaining videos mostly about her travel goals in which she became popular for her #whereDeiwent. She also shares in her Instagram account all the beautiful places she’s been to. She is also the kind of girl who enjoys both the city and bikini life.

Image courtesy of Angel Dei

She is also a fur mom of two beautiful pets; Tuti and Amaya. She always posts on her Instagram stories of her cute babies.

Image courtesy of Angel Dei

One of the things people envy about her is the circle of friends she has. Angel Dei, Michelle Dy, Ronan Domingo and James Burn are probably few of the most followed personalities on the social media world and their friendship is one of the most sturdy and fun friendships online. They are the kind of friends that don’t leave each other despite all the issues they’re been. They are the kind of friends that lasts.
Image courtesy of Angel Dei

They also collaborate with each other’s videos on Youtube where they post amusing and entertaining contents that people wouldn’t want to miss out. They share their travel vlogs and everything they do. They are very transparent. They show their raw emotions and affections to each other. They are a family.

It would have been an excruciating experience for Angel Dei losing the man she loved without her supportive friends. In one of her instagram posts, she shared her tattoo showing their endearment dedicated for her TOTGA.
Image courtesy of Angel Dei

Losing someone in the most unexpected time is the most heartbreaking experience one could have. Losing someone who will never come back is very distressing, upsetting and agonizing. It must have been in a very painful event for Angel but she conquered it.

Years after, she met a man whom she didn’t think would make her whole again. She met the one who made her believe in love again. She met Miguel, her boyfriend. She shares in her social media accounts their lovely rendezvouses. Aside from her friends, she finally has someone whom she can be happy with.

Image courtesy of Angel Dei

Loving and losing is hard but trying to love again is harder. Are we ready to love and eventually get hurt again? I don’t think anyone is ever ready but it takes someone to make us feel alive again and make us feel that it is worth to take the risks.

Meet Angel Dei. A woman who once loved and lost. A woman who had all the reasons to give up but didn’t. A woman of passion and strength. Meet and be astonished, Angel Dei.

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