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Meet Jamill’s New Jeep Wrangler – Jamanler

What’s up mga kaigan! Another dream of Jayzam and Camille came true and we are as happy as they are for they deserve everything they are receiving. With their passion, effort and dedication in providing entertainment, they finally had one of their wishes come true.

Last January 2, Jamill uploaded a vlog where they shared the fun process of purchasing their dream car. Yes mga mandirigma, you read it right! They finally got their dream car which is the famous Jeep Wrangler.

Image courtesy of Jamill

In the vlog that gained 1.3M views as of writing, they couldn’t contain their happiness and excitement as they were buying their car which they lovingly named Jamanler. Watch here:

They also shared their experiences before living the life they have now. Camille humbly said,“lahat ng gusto natin ay mangyayari kung napakabuti nating tao, kung lagi tayong magdarasal at kung mabuti tayo sa lahat ng nasa paligid natin. Lahat ng pangarap matutupad basta’t maging mabait ka.”

Image courtesy of Jamill

Jayzam looked back when they were struggling with life, when Camille had to sell yema just to earn money and when they only had their dates in the isawan. See what hardwork and faith to God can do. “Pagsabayin niyo mga kaigan. Yung mindset niyo na kaya niyo, yung sipag niyo at saka yung tiwala niyo sa Diyos. Yun talaga mayroon kayong mapupuntahan.” Jayzam said as he ended their vlog.

Everyone has their own dreams, may it be to own a car, a house or to become a successful individual. We can achieve anything, just be patient, hardworking and always have faith. Ahu.

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