Image courtesy of Michelle Dy

Michelle Dy Earns her 2 Million Subscribers on YouTube

No doubt, Michelle Dy is one of the most followed and most influential content creators. Her name has been circling around the internet world for so long. She has been blessed with a lot of opportunities and recently, she just earned her 2 Million subscribers on YouTube.

Image courtesy of Michelle Dy

Before she hit her 2 millionth mark, she posted on her twitter account, “I remember when my world crashed because people started to unsubscribe and got to the point where I doubted my purpose, now we’re close to 2M.”

Screenshot from Michelle’s tweet

Michelle is known for her amazing talent in cosmetic application. She uploads numerous make up tutorials and even gives free make up to her followers. Undoubtedly, her works are praiseworthy.

Image courtesy of Michelle Dy

She had a lot of downfalls before she gets to where she is now. Despite all challenges and hindrances, she remained strong and unbreakable. That is probably why she is being looked up to. Michelle is one of a kind. A talented YouTuber, a trustworthy friend and a kind and humble child of God.

Way to go mamshie! You deserve it!

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