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Mika Salamanca on Hotseat after feud with Killa Kush

As we all know, Mika Salamanca is a “Blink” or a fan of the famous Kpop girl group BlackPink. She also attended their concert or tour recently.

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On May 11, Mika retweeted a video of YouTuber Killa Kush and captioned it, “How dare you disrespecting my Jisoo? (member of BlackPink).”

Screenshot from Mika’s tweet 

To her defense, she answered the tweet of Mika saying, “I literally said that some people at the concert said that about Jisoo. Sorry if you missed that in the video.” Apparently, Killa Kush is making a reaction video on BlackPink’s album with included photo cards specifically Jisoo’s photo.

Screenshot from Killa’s tweet

The two exchanged more heated tweets which caught the attention of netizens. Some also commented on the said issue.

Screenshot from Mika and Killa’s thread on twitter

One netizen with a username @alyn5sos tweeted back to Mika and said, “aren’t you an influencer too? Influencing your followers that she disrespected your bias when in fact she just restated what other people said?”

Screenshot from @alyn5sos’ tweet

Killa also posted a conversation with someone telling her to kill herself.

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She also tweeted, “People took one part wayyyy out of context. Listen and understand what I said in the clip before telling me to kill myself.”

Screenshot from Killa’s tweet

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