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Mikki Galang, Cries for Equality after MRT-3 Incident

Transwoman and social media influencer Mikki Galang expressed disappointment from the discrimination she experienced from security guards of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT-3) system last September.

Through her official Facebook account, Galang shared a video clip where a security guard can be seen refusing to allow her from boarding the coach assigned for women while insisting that they should follow the policies imposed by the rail system.

“I ride the MRT because I have no car. I want to be an efficient working person, and to not contribute to the traffic anymore. I dont want a special lane. Sumisiksik at bumubiwis buhay din ako katulad ng ibang tao sa linya na pang-Lahat. Kahapon I encouraged my blogger friends to ride the MRT so we can arrive at work concert on time. And we entered the female and disabled lane kasi we all are female naman (biologically no, but female in gender, Yes) and magkakasama dapat kami pagbaba sa Araneta where thousands of people are there at dahil some of my straight women friends are first-timers to commute. So I led kahit first time ko rin pumasok sa lane na to.”

According to her, prior to the scenes in the clip, two security guards were also present who actually approached her and questioned her gender.

 “Bawal po lalaki dito (Men are not allowed here),” the guards said.

But she responded and insisted that she is a woman, “Sir, Babae po ako” to which the guards quickly asked, “Paano? (How?)

Galang believes that the incident was actually a lesson to all, and a way of educating everyone especially the staff and employees to be more sensitive especially to gender issues.

She ended her post with dismay particularly mentioning that there is still no Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity or Expression (SOGIE) Equality Bill to protect them in their daily struggles.

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