Image courtesy of Pamela Swing

Pamela Swing’s Epic Performance on YTFF

Hey guys! It’s Pam in the house! Who would forget her epic performance last YTFF?

She starts with a “vlog-like” entrance and shows a VTR of her “slam book” showing her mini life story.

She performed her own version of the infamous “Dalagang Pilipina” which was definitely dope. Her dancing skills are no joke guys. She was born to dance.  Take note, she danced with the amazing dancers G-Force!

Image courtesy of Pamela Swing

Pamela was so energetic that the crowd went wild as she danced to “Pauwi Na Ko” with G-Force. The vibe was so fun and energizing.

She has this orange concept that was very inviting just like how she is as a person. She is known for her humor. She gives good vibes to everyone, especially to her viewers. She is also very down to earth.

Image courtesy of Pamela Swing

As she was performing, there’s this smile in her face that was very genuine. She was smiling like she was thanking everyone in that arena. She looked so thankful and happy.

Image courtesy of Pamela Swing

She finished her flawless performance and expressed her gratitude for her supporters. She also thanked those who got themselves her bucket hat as part of her merchandise.

What a dope performance Pam!

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