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Ranz and Niana Set the Arena on Fire with their Performance

Okay but who would have thought that bringing a marching band can pull off an epic performance? Only Ranz and Niana!

YTFF would not be complete without the very talented dancing duo of the country, Ranz and Niana.

They started their show with a marching band and their original song “You Can Do it”. Their mad dancing skills are very much well known all over the world and they seem to be better each time they perform.

Image courtesy of Ranz

With their popularity even in the other parts of the globe, international artists are starting to notice them. One of which is the famous Lavaado who introduced the song “Switch it up.”

Image courtesy of Ranz

Lavaado and Ranz and Niana, recently made a collaboration and produced a song which they also performed in the YTFF. The epic song is called “Dip”. The chemistry was so obvious and they performed like they were only having fun.

Not only their dancing skills were appreciated that night. They also sang and rapped like they were born to do that.

Image courtesy of Ranz

The audience were on their feet as they danced and sang with them. The night was filled with so much fun and energy. It was like they were having their concert.

With Lavaado as their surprise guest, they also did the Switch it up challenge. The song is already very inviting but with the accompaniment of the marching band, it made it more fun and enjoyable. The members of the marching band also danced with them!

Image courtesy of Ranz

They ended their show but the fans seems to want more. Of course, they thanked everyone who made it there and gave support to them.

Great performance Ranz and Niana. You owned it!

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