Image courtesy of Ranz Kyle

Ranz and Niana Team Up with Lavaado in a Lit Music Video

Hey guys! It’s your boy Lavaado Avocado with our favorite YouTubers, Ranz Kyle and Niana in one amazing music video!

Image courtesy of Lavaado

Yes you read it right. The perplexing talent of the siblings has come to a whole new level. They didn’t only dance but sang and rapped! Together with the sensational artist, Lavaado.

Image courtesy of Ranz Kyle

Ranz and Niana are known for their astounding dancing skills and even the international artist, Lavaado noticed them.

If you danced to the song Switch it up, then you will probably love this song. Watch here:

The said video was published last May 18 and already earned 3.2 million views as of writing. It is also trending in the Philippines!

Image courtesy of Niana

The song Dip has a party and fun vibe that can make wanna dance. The colorful concept really suits them. They also accompanied it with great dance steps.

The songs goes, “Get the party started. Dip like a chip. Do that dance with your friends and get lit.”

If you haven’t checked out the video, what are you waiting for? Watch and do the #DipDanceChallenge

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