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Rei Germar, Aryanna Epperson, 3 other bloggers nominated for E! Breakthrough Influencer of The Year

Five fresh and young nominees including Rei Germar and Aryanna Epperson make it to the Category: E! Breakthrough Influencer of The Year for 2018 E! Bloggers Ball Awards.

This year, E! hosts another Bloggers Ball on Sunday, September 23 – adding up a few new categories to the previous set of awards.

The qualified nominees must have an existing Blogsite or YouTube page, at least an average of 20,000 followers across all social media pages, and active engagements in their page via Likes/Comments/Shares on Social Media Platforms.

Here are the nominees for E! Breakthrough Influencer of The Year:

1. Rei Germar

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2. Alyssa Gibbs

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3. Aryanna Epperson

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4. Hannah Pangilinan

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5. Kimi Juan

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Voting criteria are as follows:

50% Content – The nominee chosen must have well-written pieces and follows the rules of grammar. Relatable and relevant, his/her posts must be engaging and must be accompanied with well-curated photos and videos.

30% Style Factor – The nominee must have a strong fashion game, makes the trends instead of following them and knows how to catch the attention of both followers and peers.

20% Buzz Online – His/her posts have more than once became viral and or shared by followers and peers.

Public Voting will be closed at exactly 5 PM on September 23, and the Nominee with the highest number of votes will be declared winner.

*nominees are not in any particular rank/order

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