Image courtesy of Rei

Rei Germar Pulled off an Amazing Performance on YTFF

“You know guys I am not a singer but tonight I’m gonna try.”

These are the lines Rei said before she started her performance. She was so nervous but still cute.

But YouTube Fan Fest is not a talent competition. It is a show for people to connect with their favorite YouTubers and that was achieved by Rei.

She shared her stage with her best friends Chelsea and Kit as they sang to Ben & Ben’s “Ride Home”.  It was a heartfelt performance, especially that she had her best friends beside her.

Image courtesy of Rei

She also thanked everyone and expressed how surreal she felt that night. Everyone was shouting her name and one fan enthusiastically screamed “I love you Rei.”

She then took off her jacket and the crowd went wild. Karmencitta’s “Cebuana” was played and the sexiest version of Rei was witnessed. She danced with the G-Force dancers and wow, she is indeed a dancer.

Image courtesy of Rei

The crowd went wilder as Rei’s ever handsome boyfriend, Miggy, entered the stage and danced with her. Everyone was shouting with kilig.

The production ended with Miggy holding Rei like she was his greatest gem.

Nice Job Rei! See you again soon!

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