Image Courtesy of Rei Germar

Rei Germar Shows her Sympathy to a Bullied Girl

Bullying has been a major issue these past few years. It comes in different forms, from cyber bullying to physical bullying. Bullying is all wrong and has to stop.

Five days ago, a netizen posted on twitter photos of her sister crying over her broken make-up palettes. Apparently, bullies in her school were responsible with it.

Image courtesy of @sialucero

The little girl in the photos couldn’t do anything but cry over her makeup palettes and not knowing who did it.

Image courtesy of @sialucero

This tweet of @sialucero gained more the 25000 likes and 5000 retweets and caught the attention of the beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Rei Germar.

Screenshot from Twitter 

Being a fan of make ups and get ups, Rei expresses her sympathy with the incident and offers to give new make-up palettes for the little girl. It turns out that the girl is a big fan of Rei! What a twist of fate!

Screenshot from twitter

This simple act of kindness of Rei gained her appreciation and awe from netizens. It really takes only one act of benevolence to make someone smile. Be kind, always.

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