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Reneé Dominique Sings for Gigi Hadid’s New Michael Kors Commercial

Reneé Dominique is a musician widely known for her song covers on her YouTube channel. She gained popularity through her talent in singing and playing ukelele and guitar.

Image courtesy of Reneé

Recently, she also collaborated with the international singer, Jason Mraz, on her single “Could I love you any more”.  The music video already gained 6.1 million views. She also joined Jason Mraz on his concert and sang their song their. Watch the music video here: 

Aside from the Manila concert, she also joined Jason Mraz on his concert in Singapore last May 11, 2019.

Image courtesy of Reneé

Reneé’s talent has been recognized all around the globe and recently, she collaborated with one of the most popular luxury brands in the world.

Last July 9, 2019, Michael Kors posted a video of their newest Michael Kors Wonderlust fragrance. Also featured in the commercial is one of the top models in the country, Gigi Hadid. Watch here: 

Reneé posted on her Twitter account one day after the release of the video to announce that her rendition of Bobby Darin’s ‘Beyond the Sea’ made its way into Michael Kors Wonderlust campaign.

She posted, “It was hard for me to keep this a secret that’s why i’m sooo glad the commercial is finally out! Gigi Hadid for #Wonderlust by @MichaelKors Music by: yours truly.”

From a collaboration with Jason Mraz to a commercial with Michael Kors, Reneé’s talent is really beyond amazing.

As of writing, she already has 890K subscribers on her YouTube channel, 953K monthly listeners on Spotify and 45.8K followers on Instagram.

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