#SarapNgTUNAy with Mega Tuna’s newest Mega Barkada

The hottest barkada is finally here! Mega Tuna introduces the newest faces of the best tuna in the Philippines.

The Mega Barkada is composed of the country’s most followed social media influencers such as Ronan Domingo, Deegee Razon, Melissa Gohing and Baninay Bautista. They were introduced at the Nautilus Rooftop Bar at the Prime Hotel, Cubao, Quezon City.

Images courtesy of Mega Tuna https://www.instagram.com/megapuretuna/

Mega Tuna really chose the perfect personalities that best represent the brand- funny, adventurous and authentic!

The youthful newest ambassadors of Mega Tuna will star in two webisodes on Facebook to bring joy to audiences.

The first one is a vlog where they give pieces of advice and answer the question “Anong bes Mega moves mo kapag nandiyan si crush?” The Barkada will help each other in catching the attention of their crushes, using their unique moves.

Image courtesy of  https://www.facebook.com/ronandomingo/

The second webisode is a cook-off challenge where the MegaBarkada members will come up with a dish using selected ingredients, of course with the main ingredient Mega Tuna.

Image courtesy of Mega Tuna https://www.instagram.com/megapuretuna/

Make sure not to miss a thing out with this high quality MegaBarkada!

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