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Shek and Raf shared their Plastic Surgery Journey

Cosmetic surgery has been considered as a booming industry with the rise of science and technology. People go under the knife to alter their appearances and satisfy their desires to look more presentable. However, some still can’t accept the thought of plastic surgery. They say it is modifying what God gave you and a sign of insecurity.

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We all have our own opinions and stand on matters like this. Here, two of the most influential and followed Youtubers share their thoughts about one of the most debatable topics.

Shek (Shek’s diary) and Raf (About Raf) shared their experiences with their plastic surgery journey. As we all know and as they shared in their social media accounts, Shek and Raf undergone enhancement surgeries.

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Shek has undergone inner and outer epicanthoplasty (an eye surgery that aims to lengthen the inner parts of the eye to make the eye bigger), double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and face fat removal. Shek went through these 4 months ago. She openly shared her journey and uploaded it to her Youtube channel.

On the other hand, Raf experienced rhinoplasty, nose bridge enhancement and alar trimming. He mentioned that he got his surgery when he was 20 years old as a graduation gift from his mother. He also said that he really wanted to have a better looking nose.

They both openly share their experiences starting from the day before the surgery to the recovery. On the video, they explained the details of their surgery.

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They also mentioned how they felt after they saw the results. They were happy, of course. And until now, they still don’t regret going through all those procedures because those are what made them more confident and happier now.

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About the comments of others, they said that people have their own opinions and nothing is wrong about that. The important thing is you are happy with what are you doing but make sure not to step on others.

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Changing your appearance doesn’t make any less of a person. Altering the way you look doesn’t always mean not loving yourself. It is just enhancing what you have and being brave with it. Self-love is bravery. Bravery is confidence.

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