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Shek’s Big Announcement Is Out!

It’s time for the big news Shekitings! Shek has been telling us since September to watch out for her big announcement this December. And now, the wait is finally over!

Yesterday, Shek with her boyfriend Charles uploaded her first Vlogmas and the announcement we’ve been asking for. Guess what? *drum rolls* Shek is 12 weeks pregnant! Yes, you heard it right.

Image courtesy of Shek

As we all know and as she shared in few of her vlogs, Shek has been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS along with 4 other illnesses last year (but she only has PCOS now). Women with PCOS really have a hard time in conceiving a baby especially to older women. That’s why Shek and Charles tried and they finally have one!

Screenshot from Shek’s Instragram story

Shek first checked it when they were in Bali with her friends. The pregnancy test had 2 lines but she mentioned that it wasn’t that clear. So she again checked it when she was in their home. Again, there were 2 lines but it was clearer then. So they opt to visit her OB-gyne and it was confirmed.

Image courtesy of Shek

Shek and Charles couldn’t hide how happy and blessed they are in the vlog. Who wouldn’t be especially after hearing from a doctor that it is hard to have one due to Shek’s condition?

Image courtesy of Shek

Christmas is really full of miracles and surprises. Are you surprised with Shek’s big news?

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