Social Media Influencers to Watch out for This 2019

We cannot deny the fact that 2018 has been the year of social media influencers.  They have been an inspiration to a lot of Filipinos in different aspects such as in beauty hacks, travel tips or anything. Different social networking sites such as Instagram and Youtube have been used by these talented individuals as platform to express their personalities and share their stories.

Everyone may notice the growing number of these different personalities. More and more are getting into becoming vloggers or bloggers not just to have the privileges but to share their thoughts and to inspire people.

This 2019, we have here the list of social media influencers you must watch out for.

1. Kyo Qiujano

If you want a good laugh everytime then you should subscribe to Kyo. With his hilarious choreographed dances, pranks and challenges, he already gained 575K subscribers on YouTube as of writing.

Image courtesy of Kyo

You should watch his Siomai Rice music video and let’s see if you can stop laughing. Click here:

2. Agassi Ching

This Chinito Charm who has 89K subscribers on YouTube as of now is probably your dream boyfriend. He has recently concluded a serye of ABS-CBN’s The Good Son. He uploads funny pranks and challenges as well as hauls.

Image courtesy of Agassi

3. Mika Salamanca

Born and raised in Pampanga, the 18 year-old social media sensation from Alabama, USA continues to shine bright with 540K subscribers on Youtube. She is known as a lifestyle and fashion vlogger. Along with that, she is also a great singer. Watch her cover of  A Million Dreams that gained 1Mviews here:

Image courtesy of Mika

4. Mark Reyes

This social media star is famous for his adventure and storytime vlogging. He has 572K subscribers as of writing. Also, he and Mika Salamanca has something really special – what do you call this – relationship or connection. They also have videos together which will give you the kilig vibes!

Image courtesy of Mark

5. Marikit Ramos

The word marikit is a Tagalog term that means beautiful. And this rising influencers suits her name well with her beauty inside and out. As of writing, she already has 51K subscribers. She uploads videos of her trips, everyday life and more!

Image courtesy of Marikit Ramos

These social media influencers above are about to rule the digital world and become your faves! So what are waiting for? Subscribe now!

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