Social Media Influencers who Joined the #FaceApp Challenge

Do you want to know how you’ll look like 10-30 years from now? With this viral application, you can transform your face to look younger, older or even change your gender!

FaceApp, the app that’s everyone has been talking about, was released 2 years ago but trended this 2019. It is an image editing app developed by Wireless Lab.

Netizens easily loved the app for its amazing editing. And here are some of our favorite social media influencers who didn’t resist joining the #FaceApp Challenge.

1. Michelle Dy

Image courtesy of Michelle

2. Baninay Bautista

Image courtesy of Baninay

3. Kimpoy Feliciano

Image courtesy of Kimpoy

4. Lloyd Cadena

Image courtesy of Lloyd

5. Erwan Heussaff

Image courtesy of Erwan Heussaff

6. Donnalyn Bartolome

Image courtesy of Donnalyn

7. Maris Racal

Image courtesy of Maris

8. Emman Nimedez

Image courtesy of Emman

9. Purpleheiress

Image courtesy of Purpleheiress

Who’s photo is your favorite? Let us know!

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