What’s the Real Score Between Michelle Dy and Kimpoy Feliciano?

Fans have been hoping that the two of the most followed social media influencer, Michelle Dy and Kimpoy Feliciano, would find their way back to each other and would get back together as a couple.

Rumors have circled the internet after the two exchanged tweets last March 10, 2019. Kimpoy posted on his twitter account, “I missed you so much @michelle_dy. Wag ka na aalis hehe.”

Screenshot from Kimpoy’s tweet

The said tweet shocked the fans especially the Kimchelles especially when Michelle replied, “Hindi na po, promise.”

Screenshot from Michelle’s tweet

Kimpoy continued to tweet words every woman wishes to hear. Although no names were mentioned, it was clear that all of those were for Michelle. Here are some of the tweets that would make your hearts melt.

Screenshot from Kimpoy’s tweets

Michelle also made a shocking reveal after she tweeted, “It’s always sweeter the second time around.” She also mentioned the name of Kimpoy at the end of her tweet.

Screenshot from Michelle’s tweet

The speculation of them getting back together increased after the two continued to post vlogs which contents include the both of them. Kimpoy uploaded a video with a title “I’m seeing her (Michelle) again,” last March 14, 2019 that earned 1 million views. Watch here:

Kimpoy was also seen accompanying Michelle Dy in her mall shows. Boyfriend duties? He also posted this very soul-stirring photo of Michelle Dy in one of her mall shows. The caption states, “The moment I was able to hold your hand again, was the moment I realized I have everything. And I couldn’t be happier.”

Image courtesy of Kimpoy Feliciano https://www.instagram.com/kimpoyfeliciano/

The sweetest, probably, Kimpoy ever posted is their photo with a caption, “You thanked me for making you smile. I thank you for making me happy.”

Image courtesy of Kimpoy Feliciano https://www.instagram.com/kimpoyfeliciano/

Michelle Dy also uploaded their latest video together titled “24 Hours Mag Jowa Challenge.” Watch here:

With all the kilig vibes, sweet words and acts, many fans are hoping that Michelle and Kimpoy would find their way back to each other’s arms again and for good. Although none of them had made an official statement yet, their eyes when they are together can’t lie.

The chemistry between these two beautiful personalities can’t be denied but what’s the real score between them? Let us know what you think?

Trending – Kyo Quijano’s Ung8ful Music Video

What do you do when life give you lemons? Of course, you’ll make lemonade. Then, what if people give you hate comments? Make a fire music video!

After the feud of Lloyd Cadena and Kyo Quijano, netizens gave their opinions and even bashed both vloggers. Some of them called Kyo ungrateful and irrelevant. Some even said “di na ma-reach” and all other hurtful words you can imagine.

Image courtesy of Kyo Quijano https://www.instagram.com/kyoquijano/

With all these excruciating comments directed to Kyo, he did what a creative content creator could do. He collected these unpleasant backlashes, wrote lyrics and filmed a music video.

On April 6, 2019, he uploaded the teaser of his music video. The video shows the title of the track #ung8ful. The said teaser video gained different opinions from netizens. Some said they are excited while some said they are disappointed. Many of them thought that the track was meant to diss his previous “foe” and said that it wasn’t necessary to do such.

Image courtesy of Kyo Quijano https://www.instagram.com/kyoquijano/

He uploaded his originally made music video one day after the teaser was uploaded. It was then revealed that the video was him dissing himself using the hate comments of his bashers. It wasn’t for anyone but for him alone.

The music video contains powerful and at the same time, hurtful meaning. Who would have thought that a man like Kyo could make a masterpiece out of hate comments? This is how you turn pain into art.

Image courtesy of Kyo Quijano https://www.instagram.com/kyoquijano/

The track goes, “Kyo Quijano. You ungrateful bitch, di ka na mareach. Kyo Quijano. Laki ng ulo mo, di ka na mareach.” As of writing the music video already earned 416K views and 10K comments. The music video is even trending since it was uploaded. The comments are now full of praises saying how strong of a man he is, embracing his own mistakes but in an artistic and slaying way.

Haven’t watch the music video? Click here and let us know your thoughts!

Wala na Lahat – Agassi Ching on his Snatched Phone

Losing is sometimes part of our lives but it surely is a devastating feeling. Having the thought that the one thing you always had has to be gone one day, including all the memories in it is painful.

Image courtesy of Agassi Ching https://www.instagram.com/agassiching/

Agassi Ching expressed his grief after his phone was snatched. It may sound shallow but the phone has most of his memories. He explained in his video that before he lost his phone, they were having fun with Jai. Watch here: 

On April 5, they were filming a Can’t Say No Challenge and a clip from the video was a level up from their relationship. He also expressed that he was so happy and was excited to edit the video and had watched it multiple times.

Image courtesy of Agassi Ching https://www.instagram.com/agassiching/

When he was on his way home after dropping Jai, he was watching the video once again in the middle of the traffic. His window was open and he didn’t expect that a kid was near him. The kid snatched his phone and everything went by so fast.

One thing on his mind at that time was the video. It was that one video that could change their relationship and his life. It wasn’t the phone but the memories in it.

Image courtesy of Agassi Ching https://www.instagram.com/agassiching/

It was sad. Yes. However, losing a thing gives us the hope and learning to be more careful next time so that we won’t have to experience the feeling of having something taken away from us.

Smile Agassi!

Vince Vandorpe Receives Negative Reactions After Insensitive Prank on Coming Out

As an entry for the yearly April fool’s day, Vince Vandorpe pranked his friend Pat Frankson confessing his love to him. The said video caught the attention of the netizens especially the LGBTQIA+ community, which expressed their disappointment. Watch here: 

On second day of April, Vince uploaded the said video on his YouTube channel which earned 50K views and on his Twitter account with 36.6K views as of writing. The video was meant to entertain the netizens as it is a prank for the April fools however; it was to be ‘inappropriate’ by many viewers.

Image courtesy of Vince https://www.instagram.com/vincevandorpe/

A netizen with a username @fernandinodavid replied to the clip saying, “Some people don’t find this funny at all. Coming out is and will never be a good joke/prank.”

Screen shot from David’s tweet https://twitter.com/fernandinodavid/

Another netizen with username @ronaldgem mentioned Vince and tweeted, “everyday, the LGBTQIA+ community suffer stigma, discrimination, human rights violations and abuses – experiences that are no laughing matter.”

Screenshot from Ronaldgem’s tweet https://twitter.com/ronaldgem/

Social media influencer, James Burn also expressed himself and tweeted, “Coming out isn’t that easy.

Screen shot from James’ tweet https://twitter.com/iamjamesburn/

However, a netizen with a username @wawewewowewi said that this is no big deal. He tweeted, “I am bisexual and I don’t know why this is a big deal to other. More power. Wag pansinin ang toxic.”

Screenshot from wawewewowewi’s tweet

With all the hate comments directed to him, Vince has not given any statement yet.

Let us know your thoughts!

Social Media Influencers Gave their Thoughts about the Feud Between Lloyd Cadena and Kyo Quijano

The feud between Lloyd Cadena and Kyo Quijano was trending yesterday and a lot of netizens were very much into it. Some even gave their thoughts about the issue including some social media influencers.

To know the story behind, read here: Lloyd Cadena Called Out Kyo Quijano Being Ungrateful – April Fools or Not?

Here are some social media influencers who gave their reactions:

1. Jamill

Jamill posted on their twitter account, “Wala sa edad yung pagiging matured, nasa mentality yan. Meron nga e, bata palang pero parang matanda na magisip. Lalo na yung iba na mga matatanda na, tas bata parin mag isip. Mahiya kayo.”

Screenshot from Jamill’s tweet

Although no names were dropped, it was directed at the two.

Another tweet was posted while the range between Lloyd and Kyo was at its peak. The tweet said, “Time will reveal the real monster.”

Screenshot from Jamill’s tweet

2. Luigi Pacheco

Luigi posted a thread on twitter about the ‘unfollowing’ incident of Kyo saying “that follow button represents so much of his (Kyo) gratefulness to you.”

He also posted, “Tanggalin niyo yung mentality na since bigger following means the person is ‘more’ right. There are two sides of the story. You were given two ears for a reason.”

Screenshot from Luigi’s tweets

3. Marikit Ramos

Marikit stressed about how tiring the calling out culture is. She tweeted, “Kung sino unang magsalita, siyang matapang. Kung sinubukan mong lumaban, ikaw ang bastos. Everyday we demand fro truth pero sinasala na ng isip mo kung ano ang gusto mong paniwalaan.”

Screenshot from Marikit’s tweet

4. Miccolo of We Duet

“Tumulong tayo ng bukal sa puso, hindi yung isusumbat mo kapag may nagawang hindi mo gusto. Hindi sila ang magbabalik niyan sayo, ang Diyos gagamit ng ibang tao para maibalik ng mas madami pa.”

Screenshot from Miccolo’s tweet

5. Angel Dei

“Let there be peace on earth. Good night!!!”

Screenshot from Angel’s tweet