What’s the Real Score Between Michelle Dy and Kimpoy Feliciano?

Fans have been hoping that the two of the most followed social media influencer, Michelle Dy and Kimpoy Feliciano, would find their way back to each other and would get back together as a couple.

Rumors have circled the internet after the two exchanged tweets last March 10, 2019. Kimpoy posted on his twitter account, “I missed you so much @michelle_dy. Wag ka na aalis hehe.”

Screenshot from Kimpoy’s tweet

The said tweet shocked the fans especially the Kimchelles especially when Michelle replied, “Hindi na po, promise.”

Screenshot from Michelle’s tweet

Kimpoy continued to tweet words every woman wishes to hear. Although no names were mentioned, it was clear that all of those were for Michelle. Here are some of the tweets that would make your hearts melt.

Screenshot from Kimpoy’s tweets

Michelle also made a shocking reveal after she tweeted, “It’s always sweeter the second time around.” She also mentioned the name of Kimpoy at the end of her tweet.

Screenshot from Michelle’s tweet

The speculation of them getting back together increased after the two continued to post vlogs which contents include the both of them. Kimpoy uploaded a video with a title “I’m seeing her (Michelle) again,” last March 14, 2019 that earned 1 million views. Watch here:

Kimpoy was also seen accompanying Michelle Dy in her mall shows. Boyfriend duties? He also posted this very soul-stirring photo of Michelle Dy in one of her mall shows. The caption states, “The moment I was able to hold your hand again, was the moment I realized I have everything. And I couldn’t be happier.”

Image courtesy of Kimpoy Feliciano https://www.instagram.com/kimpoyfeliciano/

The sweetest, probably, Kimpoy ever posted is their photo with a caption, “You thanked me for making you smile. I thank you for making me happy.”

Image courtesy of Kimpoy Feliciano https://www.instagram.com/kimpoyfeliciano/

Michelle Dy also uploaded their latest video together titled “24 Hours Mag Jowa Challenge.” Watch here:

With all the kilig vibes, sweet words and acts, many fans are hoping that Michelle and Kimpoy would find their way back to each other’s arms again and for good. Although none of them had made an official statement yet, their eyes when they are together can’t lie.

The chemistry between these two beautiful personalities can’t be denied but what’s the real score between them? Let us know what you think?

Are you ready for YouTube Fan Festival 2019?

YouTube has been one of the best platforms used by content creators to showcase their talents, express themselves and connect to people around the globe. With the success of these personalities, YouTube began organizing global events for content creators/producers to meet their followers. One of which is the awaited YouTube Fan Fest.

Image courtesy of Youtube Fan Fest https://www.instagram.com/youtubefanfest/

Since 2015, YouTube Fan Fest has been giving great experience and opportunity for these Youtubers to get closer with their followers. This is a gathering of selected YouTuber stars from around the world on one stage to deliver live shows.

Image courtesy of Youtube Fan Fest https://www.instagram.com/youtubefanfest/

Last year, May 11, YTFF was held at World Trade Center in Manila.

The lineup for last year’s event included sensations Wil Dasovich, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Janina Vela, Mikey Bustos, Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero, Michelle Dy, Pamela Swing, AC Bonifacio and Renee Dominique.

Image courtesy of Youtube Fan Fest https://www.instagram.com/youtubefanfest/

Talented international creators such as Matt Steffanina, Sungha Jung, Merrell Twins and The Dominic Show were also present at the event.

YTFF also encourages fans to suggest YouTubers who should be included on this year’s lineup. You can tweet it with the hashtag #YTFFManila!

Are you ready for this year’s festival? Who should be included in this most awaited event? Let us know!

Vince Vandorpe Receives Negative Reactions After Insensitive Prank on Coming Out

As an entry for the yearly April fool’s day, Vince Vandorpe pranked his friend Pat Frankson confessing his love to him. The said video caught the attention of the netizens especially the LGBTQIA+ community, which expressed their disappointment. Watch here: 

On second day of April, Vince uploaded the said video on his YouTube channel which earned 50K views and on his Twitter account with 36.6K views as of writing. The video was meant to entertain the netizens as it is a prank for the April fools however; it was to be ‘inappropriate’ by many viewers.

Image courtesy of Vince https://www.instagram.com/vincevandorpe/

A netizen with a username @fernandinodavid replied to the clip saying, “Some people don’t find this funny at all. Coming out is and will never be a good joke/prank.”

Screen shot from David’s tweet https://twitter.com/fernandinodavid/

Another netizen with username @ronaldgem mentioned Vince and tweeted, “everyday, the LGBTQIA+ community suffer stigma, discrimination, human rights violations and abuses – experiences that are no laughing matter.”

Screenshot from Ronaldgem’s tweet https://twitter.com/ronaldgem/

Social media influencer, James Burn also expressed himself and tweeted, “Coming out isn’t that easy.

Screen shot from James’ tweet https://twitter.com/iamjamesburn/

However, a netizen with a username @wawewewowewi said that this is no big deal. He tweeted, “I am bisexual and I don’t know why this is a big deal to other. More power. Wag pansinin ang toxic.”

Screenshot from wawewewowewi’s tweet

With all the hate comments directed to him, Vince has not given any statement yet.

Let us know your thoughts!