Are you ready for YouTube Fan Festival 2019?

YouTube has been one of the best platforms used by content creators to showcase their talents, express themselves and connect to people around the globe. With the success of these personalities, YouTube began organizing global events for content creators/producers to meet their followers. One of which is the awaited YouTube Fan Fest.

Image courtesy of Youtube Fan Fest

Since 2015, YouTube Fan Fest has been giving great experience and opportunity for these Youtubers to get closer with their followers. This is a gathering of selected YouTuber stars from around the world on one stage to deliver live shows.

Image courtesy of Youtube Fan Fest

Last year, May 11, YTFF was held at World Trade Center in Manila.

The lineup for last year’s event included sensations Wil Dasovich, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Janina Vela, Mikey Bustos, Ranz Kyle, Niana Guerrero, Michelle Dy, Pamela Swing, AC Bonifacio and Renee Dominique.

Image courtesy of Youtube Fan Fest

Talented international creators such as Matt Steffanina, Sungha Jung, Merrell Twins and The Dominic Show were also present at the event.

YTFF also encourages fans to suggest YouTubers who should be included on this year’s lineup. You can tweet it with the hashtag #YTFFManila!

Are you ready for this year’s festival? Who should be included in this most awaited event? Let us know!