Predicted Line up of YouTubers to Perform for This Year’s YouTube FanFest

Youtube fan festival has been a great event for social media influencers to connect and get closer with their fans and followers. It is an opportunity for them to express themselves and perform live to showcase their different talents.

Now that the YouTube Fanfest season is fast approaching, we have predicted possible social media influencers to join in the line-up for this year’s YTFF.

Here are 5 of the most followed and loved social media influencers who you should watch out for:

1. Jamill

With their fast growing Mandirigma family, 2019 is certainly JaMill’s year. This funny and entertaining couple will definitely be a great mood setter for the 2019 YTFF. They have been blessed so much this year and being able to perform in the YTFF will be another achievement for them!

Image courtesy of JaMill

2. Lloyd Cadena

Lloyd Cadena is one of the most followed Filipino Youtubers and a talented content creator. He has been giving good vibes since the day he joined YouTube. Bringing him to the YTFF stage will yield a night of laughter and happiness.

Image courtesy of Lloyd Cadena

3. Ranz and Niana

This brother and sister dancing duo is what YTFF needs. What is a festival without music and dance? A boring one. Ranz and Niana also joined last year’s YTFF and gave an unforgettable show. Want them to join again for this year’s YTFF?

Image courtesy of Ranz Kyle

4. Rei Germar

Beauty is the best word closest to Rei. She is a dazzling girl who is known for her beauty and lifestyle vlogs. She has been sharing insights about beauty and travel since she joined YouTube and has been inspiring a lot of people. Having her in YTFF is a great idea, right?

Image courtesy of Rei Germar

5. Pam Swing

Pamela Swing is one of this year’s rising youtubers. She is known for her funny and entertaining video contents. She also does dance covers that are amazingly satisfying to watch. Pam Swing in YTFF will give us a night filled with dances and entertainment and that sound great, right?

Image courtesy of Pam Swing

YouTube has not yet given the official line-up of this year’s YTFF but it is not bad to share our prediction, right? Do you have the same line-up? Let us know!