Top 10 Controversial Issues of Social Media Influencers 2018

Since the rise of the different social networking sites, influencers have also become a trend. With a large number of audiences, they can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reliability or maybe not.

Social media influencers are very prone to be the talk of the netizens. Behind the glamour of the different social media platforms are controversies. Truth or not, these stories make it even more interesting for the netizens.

Here are the top 10 controversial issues of social media influencers this 2018:

10. Alex Gonzaga’s insensitive and offensive joke

Last October 5, a concerned netizen tweeted a clip of the Cubao Expo vlog of Alex Gonzaga. In the said tweet, it was mentioned that Alex was being insensitive in the vlog and was not being funny joking about drug addicts.

Alex, then, apologized and promised to be better to not offend anyone anymore.
Image courtesy of Alex Gonzaga

9. Anna Cay’s Expensive Dog

After posting her new pet, Anna Cay earned hate comments. She was called arrogant for buying an expensive dog which made her triggered to speak up.

Some of her followers still question her even after all the explanations. With this, she responded, “Oh please. Hindi nga ako humihingi ng pera pambili ng aso sayo, simpatya mo pa kaya? Don’t me!”
Image courtesy of Anna Cay

8. Influencers’ Paid Ads Gone Wrong

Two influencers were roasted online after their hilariously inappropriate placement of brands in their photos.

Vern Enciso shared a photo in the middle of snowy Finland with a mall’s advantage card. Netizens found it funny and said snow is now available in mall’s supermarket.
Image courtesy of @haideefinition

On the other hand, Cha Ocampo also shared a photo where she is seen promoting a brandy while having waffles and milkshake. Hmm, not a good match, what do you think?
Image courtesy of @haideefinition

7. Angel Dei vs Kitty Duterte

Presidential daughter Kitty Duterte slammed Angel Dei after her tweet about President Duterte.

Angel tweeted, “If you ever voted or supported Duterte before but you’re regretting it now, then I’m proud of you.” 

Kitty responded, “If you just thought of showing your thin ass body on social media, decided to make nonsense videos and all that irrelevant stuff most people do, but you’re regretting it now and you’re planning to do something that actually helps, then perhaps I can say I’m proud of you.”

Image courtesy of Angel Dei

6. Rei’s tweet vs President Duterte

“It’s too late to change utut mu”, said Rei on the video of Duterte regarding his joke on using marijuana to keep himself awake.
Image courtesy of Rei Germar

5. Shek’s Diary

Shek’s Diary apologized on the issue of insensitivity after her tweet to ‘poor people’.

She tweeted, “Bakit ba may thinking sa Pinas na kapag may pera ka, obligasyon mo tumulong sa mahirap? Sorry pero pet peeve ko yung mga pabuhat. Hindi ko ugaling tumulong sa mahirap kasi pinalaki akong tinuturuan paano mangisda kesa humingi ng isda so yun icocontribute ko”.

Netizens expressed their disappointment which prompted Shek to issue a public apology.
Image courtesy of Shek’s Diary

4. Jamill 3am Challenge

When Jamill uploaded their version of the 3am challenge in Nueva Ecija, some of the viewers caught someone in the vlog with a phone screen that showed 9:40 pm. Bashers even called Jamill deceiver and liar.

Later on, they uploaded their apology video and admitted that they really did an advanced shooting and apologized to everyone.
Image courtesy of Jamill

3. Jamill vs Lloyd

Lloyd Cadena also launched his own version of the 3am challenge. In one of the parts of his vlog, he and his friends made a joke about the issue of Jamill regarding the 3am challenge.

This started the feud of the two youtubers. They exchanged tweets which caught the attention of the netizens. These netizens also joined the misunderstanding of these influencers making it more intense.

After a few hours, they both parties tweeted that they already talked privately and reconciled.
Image courtesy of Lloyd Cadena

2. Isha Borromeo vs her manager vs Anna Cay vs Anne Clutz

Purpleheiress or Isha Borromeo filed a case against her manager Tiffney Dome after being defamed to other social media influencers. The family of Isha was also included in the issue and even private information of Isha was posted by Tiffney.

Issues of Isha between Anna Cay and Anne Clutz were also raised. It began when an informant told Isha that Anna Cay and Anne Clutz were talking behind her back and the rest of the history happened. Netizens even called Isha rude, immature and tsismosa.
Image courtesy of Purpleheiress

1. Michelle Dy: Jeffree Star, Ana Cay, Skin Shaming, Medyas

Who would forget the issue between beauty guru Michelle Dy and American beauty vlogger and cosmetics line owner Jeffree Star?

Jeffree posted Instagram stories accusing MD of stealing his copyrighted “Approved” series. Michelle Dy, then, issued a public apology.

After the issue on Jeffree Star, a thread on twitter rounded on the internet about the allegedly bullying of MD to Anna Cay. The next day, Michelle Dy posted Instagram stories screenshots of their conversation.

MD was also in hot water after netizens accused her of skin shaming after her Instagram story. She posted that critics should focus on their pimples and blackheads and not on her photos.

And another one is the tweet of MD last November 5 where she posted a picture of a large amount on the cash registrar. Bashers misunderstood the tweet and called her bragger, social climber and insensitive.

Image courtesy of Michelle Dy

While it is true that being an influencer has a lot of privileges, it is also their responsibility to take in to consideration every action they are about to do. Not all people have the same point of views and everyone can misunderstand.

But let us also remember that everyone has their own shares of mistakes and everyone has the power to admit them and change. Let us not be blinded by their shortcomings. Instead, let us support them as they work on being the better versions of themselves. Happy new year everyone!

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