Top 5 Best Dressed Gentlemen of E! Bloggers Ball

The annual E! Bloggers Ball has finally concluded and we all still have that hangover of the handsome gentlemen clad in their dashing suits and ties.

Here, we present to you our pick for the top 5 male influencers who undeniably stole the spotlight.

5. LA Aguinaldo

Image courtesy of insideshowbiz

Looking hot in his black suit and puple-ish tie, LA looks like a prince charming coming straight from a fairytale book.

4. Jeffrey Ong

Image courtesy of Jeffrey Ong

Wearing Paulo Lazaro’s creation partnered with his sneakers, Jeffrey showed a “kind of formal kind of not” look. Not to forget his clean hairstyle, he surely is a boyfriend material.

3. Lance de Ocampo

Image courtesy of Lance de Ocampo

Lance showed up with his blue Hollywood-look aura. This suit from Top Man Philippines gave him that manly and chivalrous look.

2. Deegee Razon

Image courtesy of Deegee Razon

Veering away from the usual colors of suit and tie, Deegee slayed the night wearing his red Paulo Lazaro’s creation.

1. Mike Miguel

Image courtesy of Mike Miguel

His Harry Styles inspired look made him take home the title as the best dressed of the night. This piece from Zara really made him look so romantic and stylish at the same time.

With these equally handsome gentlemen, can you pick who you want to have a date with?

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