Image courtesy of Tukomi Brothers

Tukomi Brothers Hit 1 Million Subscribers

Hohohooooy mga Tuko! The Tukomi Brothers have recently hit 1 million subscribers!

The Filipino comedy group, Tukomi brothers consisting of Hiroshi, Lester and Oliver Tukomi focuses on creating funny content. They mainly produce pranks and challenges and post it every week.

Image courtesy of Tukomi Brothers

One of their most popular uploads is their 4-part “Taong Grasa/Rich Kid” pranks where they disguise as beggars and go around the town while driving sports car.

Image courtesy of Tukomi Brothers

The Part 3, however, is somewhat heart melting because instead of wandering in their sports car, they roamed around searching for real homeless people on the street and gave them food, spreading a little Christmas Joy. These videos garnered accumulated views of over 16 million.

With their pranks and #GoodVibes, they surely deserve a million and more subscribers!

Watch their Hitting 1 Million Subscribers Reaction here:

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