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Ungrateful vs. Unnecessary – Lloyd Cadena and Kyo Quijano’s Feud Exacerbates

The feud between Lloyd Cadena and Kyo Quijano is definitely not an entry for the April fools day.

Yesterday, the flame that seemed to be extinguished was sparked up again after Lloyd Cadena uploaded a video on his YouTube channel calling out Kyo Quijano with a title “Dear Kyo Quijano”. The video contains Lloyd’s explanation on his issue with Kyo including screenshots of private messages exchanged between them.

On his defense, Kyo posted on his twitter account the full content of his comment on BNT’s video. “Eto yung comment ko, may kadugtong siya and it is hundred percent honest, dahil pinanood ko yung April fools video nila and it was really convincing,” proving that the screenshot posted by Lloyd was cut.

Image courtesy of Kyo Quijano

He also tweeted, “I commented this for it to make light of the situation, kase nag hingi na ako ng paumanhin kay BNT Limuel, and akala ko okay na.”

Screenshot from Kyo Quijano’s tweet

He also posted their private conversation where he was explaining his side to Lloyd. The latter then answered, “B! Solved na nga diba?”

Images courtesy of Kyo Quijano

Kyo Quijano thought that the video posted by Lloyd was petty and unnecessary. He said, “All I wanted to do is to do a video, create content! Di ko gusto ng issue na ganito! Ang petty lang kase na to the extent na make a video about it? Unnecessary!”

Screenshot from Kyo Quijano’s tweet

Lloyd also posted a screenshot of an old tweet of Kyo saying, “Yung comment section ko, puro ‘never change ha’ ‘huwag ka magbabago’. If you’re pertaining to wag lalaki ulo ko? Too late malaki na siya. (chereng, daz what she said.) it will never happen. You can screenshot this tapos bash niyo ko in the future dali!!!”

Screenshot from Kyo Quijano’s tweet

Lloyd captioned the said old tweet saying, “Lumalayo na tayo sa issue. Napunta sa ‘bitch’ sa ‘bye’ at kung saan saan. Ang dami nang nadadamay. Pero anong masasabi mo @kyoquijano sa tweet mo noon? May balak ka bang matapoos ito?”

Screenshot from Lloyd Cadena’s tweet

The two exchanged tweets and the feud gets worse.
Lloyd even tweeted, “Huwag niyong ibash si @kyoquijano gusto ko lang marealize niya ang mali niya. And now, obviously hindi parin niya matanggap. Katotohanan lang. tulungan natin siyang marealize niya ang mali niya at mag sorry siya nga totoo.”

Screenshot from Lloyd Cadena’s tweet

After the raging 2 hours, Lloyd decided to make the video private and deleted the tweets. He said, “Dinelete ko na ang mga tweets ko at Ipaprivate jo na rin ang video. The damaged has been done in both parties at ayoko nang mas lumaki pa. dahil wala naming papatunguhan ito. Hate ng hate. Very wrong na nagpadala sa emotions. I rest my case.”

Screenshot from Lloyd Cadena’s tweet

Kyo quoted the tweet with a caption, “I’ll always be grateful for all the help you have given me, for inspiring me from your contents and for the collab that changed my life. Pero nakakasama ng loob lang na kailangan pa mangyare to.”

Screenshot from Kyo’s tweet

The range was ended but the two still seemed not to be okay. How do you feel about this issue? Was Kyo being ungrateful or was Lloyd’s action of posting a video unnecessary? Let us know!

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